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AKURBPAFZJClient - Citrix Workspace on iOS - Fixed an issue where client would crash when accessing Notes through Citrix Workspace on iOS and trying to send...
NNAIBPT6TGiNotes - Fixed an issue where hitting enter on a blank line would not create the extra line break but would just insert "<p>".
NNAIBPD5BViNotes - Fixed an issue where hitting enter within a bold blank line would not create an extra line break but would instead insert...
SSARBN8KVLFixed an issue where scrolling doesn't work when we drag and drop an attachment and try to scroll upwards with attachment selected. This fixes...
ATHNBQPBXLClient - Mac - Fixed an issue with spell check not detecting mis-spellings for Hungarian, Hebrew and Korean languages. This regression was introduced...
JACE9FKDWLClient - Fixed an issue where gpupdate from Active Directory Group Policy caused scroll (cursor) movement. This problem is specific to the Microsoft...
AYAVBU8JBYClient - Mac - Big Sur - Fixed an issue where full text search result highlights were highlighting the entire document instead of just the search...
AYAVBUJFVBClient - Mac - Big Sur - Fixed an issue where the caret in a read only document was not being displayed.
AYAVBNYEQFClient - Mac - Fixed an intermittent crash that would occur when scrolling the time zone control's drop down area. This regression was introduced in...
RKHABSNK8XClient - Improved import /viewer support for basic charts in Excel (.xlsx) files. This regession was introduced in 11.0.1.
NNAIBT96LSClient - Attachments - Notes/Domino was truncating some encoded attachment filenames . This prevented the decoder from correctly decoding the...
SRKMBTZ9F4Client - Fixed an issue where some mime mail images were getting left aligned when replying to an internet email.
NNAIBWX3MDClient - Fixed an issue where infobox would not show any Created date if document was created on or after Jan 1st, 2021 unless the document contained...
STAABHP4VMClient - Clipboard - Fixed an issue where a blank line was created in Excel when copying/pasting table from Notes. This regression was introduced in...
PDARBYJHW5Client - Mac - Big Sur - Fixed an issue where some horizontal and vertical scrolls bars were displaying as all black.
CDUTBYWLPJClient - Address book - Fixed a crash that could occur with certain photos set in person records.
SSARBF2BGSClient - Fixed an issue where Notes would crash when during copying contents of Powerpoint slides if using customized bullet points as...
ATHNBRSFXB Client - Mac - SPELL_FORCE_LEGACY=1 is now enabled by default on Mac to utilize the languages provided by Mac OS for Spell Check without requiring...
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