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MAVABHNMSCServer - Database - Fixed a problem where linked databases were not being found after calling LotusScript IsLink and DbSize methods, resulting in...
JLCPBNJ8K7Server - Fixed an intermittent crash involving IDTableValidate and CheckMarkers. This regression was introduced in 11.0.
DANOBQGNDMServer - Repair - Fixed an issue where, when doing batch adminp requests, at times Repair was not being disabled on the users' mail database,...
YXDGB89BP8Server - Fixed an issue where R*.TMP files (created by Repair) weren't being cleaned up after a failure.
DCKTBRKL9ZServer - DAOS - Fixed an issue where DAOS resync was failing if there was a subdirectory that Domino cannot access in the DAOS...
MKSHBRCG4XServer - Fixed an issue where db repair command repair disable/enable was not showing the disable/enable information in the console message. This...
DANOBTJQ4TServer - Fixed an issue where DAOS Tier 2 would not work with certain object store providers such as OVH due to a failure in AWS Self Test during...
DCKTBSMKQYServer - DAOS - Fixed a crash issue where large numbers of duplicate NLOs was causing a server crash
JBUDBSMQ24Server - LotusScript - Fixed an issue where the NotesDatabase IsFtIndexed property would sometimes be wrong if the server had the FTBASEPATH ini set...
JRVNBN3MG6Server - OS400 - Fixed a crash on OS400 with error Panic: OSBBlockAddr: Bad BBlock Handle.
GRHEBVJLYAServer - Fixed a performance issue where server startup had a noticeable delay when configured for repair with several donor...
GRHEBVYNW7Server - DAOS - Fixed an issue where after upgrading to 11.x, running dbmt -c on DAOS enabled databases results in duplicate DAOS objects being...
JPAIBW6R9JServer - Database - Fixed a deadlock during dbmt updall processing of unreads.
KKHOBLVE76Server - Fixed an error about "Unable to extend an ID table - insufficient memory" on pre ODS 53 (10.0+) databases.
MKSHBWTGAYServer - DAOS - Fixed an issue where DAOS prune was only removing a subset of eligible NLOs. This regression was introduced in...
HPRHB8NNULServer - Database - Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the server. Error of PANIC: Object handle is invalid.
BSPRBYBKMNServer - DAOS - Fixed an issue where DAOS was not saving attachments in DAOS when doing a cluster copy of a database. This regression was introduced...
NSHEBYKETAServer - Database - Fixed an issue where CL copy Domino console command was not copying over database profile notes.
GRHEBYWL78Server - Database - Fixed a potential deadlock that could occur during database repair.
KBRNBZVKCPServer - Database - Fixed a data corruption issue that could occur.
DANOC24R2QServer - DAOS - Fixed an issue where an incorrect warning would be displayed when running  tell daosmgr s3 show.
DANOC28HLUServer - DAOS - Fixed an issue where a DAOS .nlo file was created in the Domino program directory instead of the data directory during...
JPAIC2HGUWServer - Database - Fixed a crash with PANIC: ASSERT(BitmapTestBits(Bitmap,BitOffset,BitsToCheck) == 0) that could occur.
DCKTC37JVYServer - DAOS - Fixed a problem where the size of DAOS objects increased when pushed to Tier 2.
CSIOBPSLD9Server - Archiving - Fixed an issue with the handling a bad repeating calendar entry during archive processing
HPRHBRQGK2Server - DBMT - Fixed an issue where server was delayed from shutting down due to DBMT still running.
DANOBTHKDBServer - DAOS - Fixed an issue where DAOS encryption notes.ini settings were getting removed after initial upgrade to Domino 12
MSAHBUU3J8Server - DAOS - Fixed format of objectinfo.txt file to have correct line endings for Windows platforms.Objectinfo.txt files is created using tell...
MKSHBV2JF2Server - Fixed an intermittent crash with "LockMemHandle() Handle 0xC018066F is not allocated" error.


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