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by Release Recommended Release (12.0.2)


Hide details for UltraLightUltraLight
ASAEC9XJW5iNotes - Fixed an issue in Ultra Lite mode where mail could not be sent if ID vault, TOTP or SAML was enabled. This regression was introduced in...
Hide details for Update/UpdallUpdate/Updall
TKAABYYATVServer - Index Updater - Fixed an intermittent issue where index update processes were being shutdown after reboot of OS and restart of Domino when...
Hide details for ViewView
KHORBGLRT8Client - Widgets - Fixed an issue where the Eclipse iFolderLayout class does not display folders in custom plugins deployed as Notes Widgets. This...
Hide details for ViewsViews
STAAC6T4KWClient - View Export - Fixed an issue where extra BOM characters were being added when exporting documents using the Comma Separated Value option and...
JPKRCEWNVY Server - Views - Fixed an issue where NIFLocateNote operation against a permuted view would time out with error Operation time limit exceeded. This...
Hide details for Web NavigatorWeb Navigator
HNAKBZDPT3 Client - Basic- Fixed an issue in the Basic Notes client where clicking on a url or hotsport for a file or folder will open the url in MS Edge...
Hide details for WorkspaceWorkspace
XBYNCDM3FUClient - Workspace - Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping a bookmark of a local replica to the "Replication and Sync" page resulted in the...
Hide details for XPagesXPages
MGUOC87PUQDesigner - XPages - Fixed an issue where the icon image to be displayed in an XPage column was not being displayed in some...
JSHN9G2M3ZProgrammability - XPages - Fixed an issue where a Com.Ibm.Xsp.Acl.Noaccesssignal Exception was being logged when not needed to be when Anonymous...
ASHECCY97EDesigner - XPages - Fixed an issue where opening an XPage with a view or folder control on it would throw an exception...
ACHG97Y6LDProgrammability - XPages - Fixed an issue where the XPage upload control would not allow multiple files to be uploaded at once.
ASHECG5HGBProgrammability - XPages - Fixed a crash that could occur in XPages ACF for certain incoming emails with an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException...
MNIAANSB5PDesigner - XPages - Fixed an issue where after a Copy/Paste, the comments for the design elements of XPages and Custom Controls were all...
Hide details for XPages or CustomControlsXPages or CustomControls
STAA83TMVVProgrammability - XPages - Fixed an issue where a .eml file was not uploaded by the file upload control of XPages when you set same bind source at...
PALTC9RN8VProgrammability - XPages - Fixed an issue in the XPages Bootstrap 4 theme where the widget container chevrons lacked any padding, instead aligned...
PSHEC8MMHCProgrammability - XPages - Fixed an issue with XPages Upload file control where duplicated files could occur while uploading files.
EMUZCCTJGF Programmability - XPages - Fixed an issue where images that had double quotes around src=cid component are not displayed.
ASHECGGLAVProgrammability - XPages - Fixed an issue with Bootstrap4 theme where it would cause a HTTP error 404
PALTCJ3J9UProgrammability- XPages - Fixed an issue where the XPages file download control and the XPages API would not show certain attachments in...
Hide details for 12.0.1 FP112.0.1 FP1
Hide details for AccessibilityAccessibility
APHECBY8M6Client - Accessibility - Fixed an issue where JAWS was not announcing rich text for address fields


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