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Hide details for 14.014.0
Hide details for ActionsActions
JJARCRPKUXClient - Views - Fixed an issue where the Hide-when formula for an Embedded View Action button was not working correctly. This regression was...
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
UMAKCR8B8VAdmin Client - Fixed an issue in the Admin client’s Configuration tab, under Security->Issued Certificate Lists, where multiple sets of views were...
MSKACR9NUHServer - Administration - Fixed an issue where a rename request processed by adminq was not correctly preserving the ProxyOriginatingRequestUNID from...
CSAHCQJLATAdmin Client - Live Server console - fixed an issue where when using the Live Server console with the W64bit Admin client, the client would sometimes...
MSKACSEJE2Admin Client - Fixed an issue with AdminCentral where roles were missing from the admincentral.nsf ACL.
JMEACSYQKXAdmin Client - 64 bit - Fixed an issue with the 64 bit Admin client where adding a password resetter to multiple organizations would result in a...
CSAHCTWQMKAdmin Client - User Registration - Fixed an issue where, when a completed user registration document was viewed, the following error was displayed:...
Hide details for Administration ClientAdministration Client
XBYNCLL9LCAdmin Client - ID Vault - Fixed an issue where creating a new ID vault using the 12.02 Domino Admin client would result in a crash.
SMOYCKPKKKAdmin Client - Views - If the replication options of admin4.nsf has the space saver option set to greater than 7 days, then the parent/main documents...
Hide details for AdminPAdminP
RRMUCMXL8UAdmin Client - Registration - Fixed an issue where registering a new user that had the same fullname but a different OU as another use was returning...
Hide details for Advanced ProperitesAdvanced Properites
ASHACRUCQ5 Client - Advanced Properties - Fixed an issue on the Mac where the Advanced Properties sub menu items of Document Properties, Compare Later, Compare...
Hide details for AgentsAgents
EMUZCE5CN7Designer - Agents - Fixed an issue where creating an agent with document selection would result in an "Error editing query..." error and the...
IFBTCVF9MLDesigner - Java Agents - Fixed an issue where imported Java Libraries were not being honored and instead were using same named Java code. This...
Hide details for Application PropertiesApplication Properties
JSRYCT9D86Programmability - Java Agents - Fixed an issue with missing methods and constants in Java interface for the ViewColumn object (both Java agents and...
Hide details for ArchivingArchiving
ASAECMTH9EServer - Archiving - Fixed an issue where after design task was run on the archive server, the quota of mail databases got applied to the archive...
Hide details for AttachmentsAttachments
JADGCEZQKEClient - Attachments - Drag and Drop - Fixed an issue where drag and drop from Notes to Web applications was not working. Workaround was to download...
Hide details for Backup & RestoreBackup & Restore
DNADCNUFN3Server - Backup & Restore - Fixed an issue with Restore where 3rd party restore was not restoring documents and folders into the original...
KKRYCRF7B2Server - Backup & Restore - Fixed an issue where restoring a database to a path that includes a directory link folder was not working...
DNADCSBHWZServer - Backup - Fixed an issue where Domino Backup VSS end date was not being updated if the backup was completed too quickly.


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