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KKHOC94JKKTemplates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue where using the Web to manage server groups would result in the OK and Cancel buttons not being visible if...
ANIAC99CQCTemplates - Pubnames - Updated the holiday documents for Japan.
PKURCCB3V3Templates - pubnames.ntf, entitlementtrack.ntf - Fixed an issue where the (AUTFixup) agent listed a developer's name for the Run on server...
WDCACCML7BTemplates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue where it was not allowed to to increase max concurrent agent amgr tasks from 10 to 25.
ASATC48JKCTemplates - Mail - Fixed an issue where the Join hotspot in a calendar entry would not work if the meeting url needed to be case sensitive. This...
SJOICATCPWTemplates - mail12.ntf - German - Fixed an issue in German mail template where there was an incorrect translation of "Remove Rooms". This regression...
SJAICBJEXFTemplates - autcat.ntf - Fixed an issue where when an administrator tried to upload Notes installer to the AUT document in the autcat.nsf it gave the...
SRKMCBWJGTTemplates - Mail - Fixed an issue where the Join hotspot link did not work correctly for meeting urls that were case sensitive.
THIOCC6226Templates - mailbox.ntf - Japanese - Fixed a translation error where "Pending Message" and "Held Message" were translated to the same word in...
TKAACDQ3Z2Templates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue with Create new registration policy - Mail tab - where the registration default template defaulted to using...
RKKKCBY8VVTemplates - websecuritystore.ntf - Updated the template version number to current version.
SPPPCDFF4WTemplates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue on Linxu where clicking on “TOTP Configuration check” for a TOTP enabled user would result in the error...
UMAKBXQK9VTemplates - mail12.ntf - Fixed "(Recently Archived)" view to use ModifiedInThisFile instead of Accessed to improve performance.
XYGUCCC6RFTemplates - mail12.ntf - Chinese mail template - Fixed an issue with the Chinese Mail Template where the view "Server\Mail Users" had been translated...
NNAICEKB7XServer - pubnames.ntf - AUT - Fixed an issue with AUT Desktop Policy Settings where when trying to create a person doc for the case where "Only one...
SOKECF5RDLTemplates - idvault.ntf - Fixed an issue where font size in "Last SAML access" view was inconsistent.
ASATCB9EDPTemplates - mail12.ntf - French version - Fixed an issue in the French mail12.ntf template where after replacing the mail file template to...
ASATCBVJX9Templates - mail12_de.ntf - German version - Fixed an issue with the german mail template where dragging and dropping an email to the follow-up...
XBYNCGKC62Templates - mail12.ntf - zh-CH - Fixed an issue where "alarm" was incorrectly translated.
CSAOCJPDLFTemplates - Japanese - pubnames.ntf, djxdd.ntf - Fixed an issue where ENABLED was showing as 1 in Server Document - Server Tasks - Domain Indexer -...
ANIACK55WU Templates - pubnames.ntf and djxdd.ntf - Fixed an issue where the titles for the Japanese holiday documents in pubnames.ntf and djxdd.ntf were not...
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