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by Release Recommended Release (12.0.2 FP1)


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CCAYCNKSPYServer - Startup - Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when restarting the server.
MKINCNPT3YServer - Startup - Fixed an issue where Domino was not starting a service the first time, if 'always run as a service' was selected
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SJOICJJGNBTemplates - mail.ntf - Fixed an issue where an incorrect From address occurs when replying to a message when the option "Show display names as...
PDARCKDAEGTemplates - mail14.ntf - Fixed an issue with DOMI where Online Meeting state was not reset to default option if an error occurred creating the...
PDARCKUEXPTemplates - mail14.ntf - Fixed an issue with DOMI where calendar would incorrectly show "There is no online meeting" text when user reopened a...
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MDAACNDL88Templates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue where the holiday for Hanukkah was showing an incorrect end date of 2017. This regression was introduced...
XYGUCNKDZ5Templates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue with the ID Recovery feature where, after disabling the feature, the "Recovery Configuration" tab was not...
CEBSCQBR7DTemplates - pubnames.ntf - Improved the pop-up help text for the External Server URL field under the Notes Traveler tab of the Server form in the...
ANIACLV8XBTemplates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue in pubnames.ntf where Japanese Holiday Documents were not updated. This regression was introduced in...
CSAHCN8Q9DTemplates - pubnames.ntf - Security - Certificates - Fixed an issue with the 64 bit Admin client where the option to Export Certificates to Deploy...
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AYAVCL7CM4Client - UI - Basic Client - Fixed an issue where some child windows were not receiving paint message because they were wrongly marked invisible...
RBIPC7RQGHClient - Advanced Properties - Fixed an issue where Advanced Properties menu items were showing up untranslated for certain...
Hide details for UltraLightUltraLight
HGARCL7AS4iNotes - Ultra-light - Fixed an issue in Ultra-light mode where selecting an address from type ahead list results in invalid mail...
MSAHCMZ87JiNotes - Ultra Light - Added an option in iNotes Ultra Light mode to avoid mail sending when pressing enter key when caret is in To/Cc/Bcc/Subject...
Hide details for ViewsViews
JPKRCEWNVY Server - Views - Fixed an issue where NIFLocateNote operation against a permuted view would time out with error Operation time limit exceeded. This...
HYZGCQZBPBClient - Views - Fixed an issue where a view column containing @Now formula is not refreshing. This regression was introduced in...
SRKMCQU9GNClient/Designer - Views - Fixed an issue where some view column titles were not showing due to narrow view option being enabled. This regression was...
Hide details for XPagesXPages
RGAUA98KAA XPages - Images - Fixed an issue where inserting an image that contained a period followed by a space then another period later in the name would...
ASHECMZB2AProgrammablity - XPages - Fixed an issue where users are unable to delete an attachment. This regression was introduced in 12.0.2.
ASHECLUDXTProgrammability - XPages - Fixed an issue with XPages where an error "Item Not Found Exception" would occur when using the application. This...
PHEYA5BL3UProgrammability - XPages - Fixed an issue where XPages InputRichtext control and FileDownload control incorrectly pulled too much information when...
UMAKCP9B8JProgrammability - XPages - Fixed an issue where clicking on "Setup Multi Factor Authentication" resulted in an HTTP 500 error.
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