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by Release Recommended Release (12.0.2 FP2)


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TSAOCP2C92Server - Install - Fixed an issue on IBM i where PMCInstaller.nsf was corrupted after server setup of Domino. This regression was introduced in...
RKRYCKSMQ6Client - Install - Fixed an issue where the 64 bit Notes client did not start after the Configuration Wizard completed.
Hide details for Install/Setup/ConfigInstall/Setup/Config
TSAOCNU737Server - Setup - Fixed an issue in the os400 server setup when used in Japanese locale where the parameter for DAYSAVTIME was being left in Japanese...
TDOOCM9LH8Server - Directory - Fixed an issue where the data directory data\domino\java isn't installed if installing Domino (clean install) and uncheck the...
DANOCJGJ6JServer - One Touch Setup - Fixed an issue where One Touch Setup could result in duplicate entries in Notes.ini values like...
MKINCSXPSAServer - Install - Windows - Fixed an issue where a reboot was being done during windows Domino install due to missing /noreboot option when...
TSAOCMBCMEServer - Install - Server Language Pack (SLP) - Fixed an issue where the list in Preferred Locale on Regional Preferences on Web Browser was not...
Hide details for Install/Setup/RegistrationInstall/Setup/Registration
AYAVCPH7BPClient - Sametime Integration - Fixed an error in Basic Client where embedded Sametime failed to load resulting in status bar error "Error logging in...
STAACKJ4VWClient - Smart Upgrade - Fixed an issue where Smart Upgrade Run As (SURunas.exe) doesn't work. This regression was introduced in...
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JJARCP8GKZDesigner - Java - Fixed an issue where, after upgrading from 12.0.1 to 12.0.2, user is unable to open Java agents or Java script libraries. The...
AKURCU983SClient - Java - 64 bit - Fixed an issue with the 64 bit Windows Notes Client where the UpdateSite database (Eclipse update site) would get a failure...
Hide details for Java AgentsJava Agents
AYAVCPYGNKClient - Java Agents - Mac - Fixed an issue on Mac where Java Agents were failing at runtime. This regression was introduced in 14.0...
Hide details for Java Backend ClassesJava Backend Classes
SPPPCEJM8CProgrammability - LotusScript and Java - Fixed a memory leak of BLK_IDTABLE in LotusScript and Java for backend method...
PSHECT3K5UServer - Java Backend Classes - Fixed a crash that could occur on Domino server running Leap/Volt with PANIC: Invalid pool free chain from...
Hide details for JavaScript EditorJavaScript Editor
JSRYCRQJ4GDesigner - JavaScript Editor- Fixed an issue in the JavaScript Editor where the Outline Tab did not list the functions and variable names. This...
Hide details for JVMJVM
CCAYCPZQLHServer - JVM - Fixed an issue where Web Services (SOAP & WSDL) were not working. This regression was introduced in 14.0 EA1.
JBSMCQJTRVServer, Client, iNotes- DST - Fixed an issue with daylight savings time (DST) for the United Mexican States.
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HNAKCLP57FDesigner/Admin - Fixed an issue where Designer and Admin client cannot be started due to error "Notes is still running but not responding". ...
Hide details for LDAP ServerLDAP Server
MVTOCR8BPQServer - LDAP - Fixed an issue where LDAP BPool Full errors were showing in the console log resulting in users being unable to authenticate to the...
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