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Template fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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ASAO5QBDWAFixed a problem where "Table properties" could not be saved when a table was copied and pasted from Microsoft Excel.
CFAR5RQMR8Fixed an issue with prompting to download a file named "Proxy" when new mail notification occurs. This regression was introduced in...
KSAA5SUBLRWith "Prompt when new mail arrives" selected, mail notification was not received after opening a Group Calendar doc. This problem is fixed in...
GDER5STMAPAdjusted Skin macro to not identify "h_skin" documents as language independent.
GDER5SKA37UNIDs in Formsfile_en.nsf will now change when copied to the Forms6.nsf file.
AGRM5P5LD5Fixed a translation problem in the "Table Properties" dialog box.
WTUZ5S6PEWFixed a problem where CTI components were not installing.
WTUZ5S4LBAFixed upload control so that it will not create multiple temp directories.
SYAI5RJCJEFixed a "New mail arrives" message incorrectly displayed on the delegator's window.
DJAG5RBRB8Fixed a problem where the string </body></html? appears as the last characters of an exported Notes.ID file. This particular file had been...
Show details for MKAE5LDD4SMKAE5LDD4SFixed a problem where the 'Mail file owner' could be changed if the user had Editor Access in the ACL of their mail file.
DYHG5W98WZWhen the percent sign character % is added to the Quick Links Name or URL on the Welcome Page, and the page is edited, a Domino Web Access warning is...
Show details for JBIE5SAM7VJBIE5SAM7VPrinting the calendar no longer defaults to the current date, regardless of desired date/view.
LBUS5TASKWThe "Total" column will now align properly in a list-type view. Prior to this fix, the column was displayed incorrectly in a 6.5 mail...
HMUY5P4GPDFixed a problem with untranslated text on the Welcome Page, Notebook, MeetingNotices, and GroupCalendars.
GDER5U5MFXFixed the body history blockquote style for BiDi when forwarding a message.
BCOE5XFRQZA different unid is no longer generated after a design element is copied into an iNotesX.ntf. This regression was introduced in...
MOSI5JYMHXDisplay notices and the Summarize checkmark may not display on the menu when it is enabled. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.4 and...
KSAA5U5BX8Dragging a rule to another folder or to the trash was allowed but should not be. It has been disabled.
Show details for YSAI5U9DUTYSAI5U9DUTFixed a warning message displayed after dragging the scroll bar to the bottom after FTSearching.
YSAI5V75TEConfiguration settings will now use a textlist so that it will collect item data up to 4096 bytes vs. 255.
PHEE5SA25LNow there is a separate timezone entry for Hobart (Tasmania). This will stop iNotes warning messages from appearing if someone has Hobart set as the...
STER5U3AQ3Incorrect error displayed after exceeding database quota. This problem has been corrected in 6.0.4 and 6.5.2.
STER5TP4SZIcons of users in LDAP DA now display as intended. This regression was introduced in 6.5.1.
STER5TW3XDA Warning is no longer incorrectly displayed if a delegate tries to send a GroupTodo.
STER5U48C4Fixed a screen real estate problem with the Date Navigator dialog.
STER5U48M5Fixed a empty space at the end of the date dialog box.


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