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Template fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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DSLL6U2A9WUpdated the hover message "Last" for "<". Changed it to "Previous" and "Top" for ">>" to "Bottom".
BHUY6WHF9NPrior to this fix, importing images into a resource on the Blog template caused the error "Notes error - cannot locate field".
PDCW74E4JBRemoved dominoblog.ntf from added template list because it is not a multilingual template.
PDCW736BVYSLP used unrecommended API of InstallShield multiplatform, and it was the root cause that the user could not launch SLP without X-Window libraries. ...
YFWI6YCDG3Error "Invalid or nonexistent document" displayed when executing a trackback action.
KBAR726LXR After adding a file to the Attachments tab, it appeared with the filename "Untitled" and the desciption field was empty. This problem has been...
KBAR6ZHRHEPrior to this fix, in the New Content form, 'Make Link' generated an error dialogue with no useful info.
KBAR72LTK2Error "Object Variable Not Set" was displayed after deleting the configuration doc. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.3.
KBAR727RVDAfter selecting an image and clicking 'Open', the following HTML code was added to the richtext field: <img src="Untitled" alt="Untitled"/>. This...
JSHN6WAR3UPrior to this fix, embedded images were translated to broken links for previewed entries in the draft state.
YFWI6Y6EYYFixed the Notes/Domino version displayed in the About - "Using this Application" link.
MHSU6UQ47NA linked category name that began with a space did not appear in a composed link document.
YFWI6YDEN2Updated button placement in the HTML templates, Page templates view.
YFWI6YABX2Prior to this fix, a configuration doc was displayed even after it had been deleted.
YFWI6YBECTError description has been modified when trying to create/edit content if the user didn't have sufficient authorization.
YFWI6YBE5NPrior to this fix, a Form was processed when trying to delete a comment/content if the user did have sufficient authorization from the web...
YFWI6Y7CERClicking the X button or press ESC will now close the Site Setup dialog.
YFWI6YAA75Prior to this fix, the Department field was not automatically fetched from the User Profile.
YFWI6Y9AF3The submenu "Make Link" to Document/Attachment is now hidden when existing content is in read-only mode.
KBAR6ZHRWVPrior to this fix, in the New Content form, 'Make Link' generated an error dialogue with no useful info. The Notes core error message is no longer...
YFWI6Y79Q2In the Site Setup dialog, Email, Website and Default Location fields in the Personal Details Tab were still blank which should be consistent with the...
YFWI6Y9AWYPreviously, the Action "Copy URL to Clipboard" was misleading as it only copied the last part of the URL - the document reference. The menu action...
DPOL6VTGYMProblem related to a multiple user blog. The "second" user was not allowed to update a "tag list" document that had been originally created by the...
KZHU6UN3LCSome URL's had not been checked for RFC 1738 compliance. Therefore if some characters outside the "english" (and some non alphabetical characters)...
ZGWG6V63DLThe blog template uses a custom file upload control that breaks when a new copy is taken of the template (for example when taking a copy for...
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