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Template fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for domcfg.ntfdomcfg.ntf
Hide details for  7.0.1 7.0.1
SDOY6JGFK8Fixed a problem where the set password dialog was not translated in the French language release.
Hide details for dominoblogdominoblog
Hide details for  7.0.3 7.0.3
ZGWG6UG4BBThe status field was being used as both a "value" for code/view formula and column value text. This made it difficult for translation as the column...
Hide details for dominoblog.ntfdominoblog.ntf
Hide details for 12.012.0
MBCYBPYGC8Templates - Fixed an issue where Domino blog does not produce any search results when accessed via web. This regression was introduced in...
Hide details for  8.0.2 8.0.2
YDEN6YVJKGA fix was done to the html generation code to allow the DXCategoryList tag to be used multiple times without error.
Hide details for  8.0.1 8.0.1
SCAE79NLCJRemoved Lotus Software Logo from Banner.
SCAE78CNNXUpdated the default blog theme.
NBRR77CLCYOn windows based servers sometimes the command db.FilePath can return different results (using different cases). This string result is used within...
KBAR78RNYJFixed a crash in 8.0 client and web site description error with long names.
KBAR75FK25Prior to this fix, the subject field within a comment document would have different default values depending on where in the client you created the...
DCOE6YR4YVWhen using dominoblog.ntf, a page link now appears for documents not enabled for discussion.
DPOL6UXGKPFixed a problem where the subject of the blog entry was not populated as the default into any comment posts.
Hide details for  7.0.3 7.0.3
DSLL6U2A9WUpdated the hover message "Last" for "<". Changed it to "Previous" and "Top" for ">>" to "Bottom".
BHUY6WHF9NPrior to this fix, importing images into a resource on the Blog template caused the error "Notes error - cannot locate field".
PDCW74E4JBRemoved dominoblog.ntf from added template list because it is not a multilingual template.
PDCW736BVYSLP used unrecommended API of InstallShield multiplatform, and it was the root cause that the user could not launch SLP without X-Window libraries. ...
YFWI6Y6EYYFixed the Notes/Domino version displayed in the About - "Using this Application" link.
KBAR6ZHRHEPrior to this fix, in the New Content form, 'Make Link' generated an error dialogue with no useful info.
JSHN6WAR3UPrior to this fix, embedded images were translated to broken links for previewed entries in the draft state.
KBAR72LTK2Error "Object Variable Not Set" was displayed after deleting the configuration doc. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.3.
KBAR726LXR After adding a file to the Attachments tab, it appeared with the filename "Untitled" and the desciption field was empty. This problem has been...
KBAR727RVDAfter selecting an image and clicking 'Open', the following HTML code was added to the richtext field: <img src="Untitled" alt="Untitled"/>. This...


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