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SmartCloud Notes Fixes Recommended Release (10.0.1 FP2)


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25.Jan MWANAU9TLY The code has been changed to insure that the TDS entry retreived and updated has the exact notesdn of the mailindatabase that is being...
- LO93491 Local timezone name mismatch with Notes client.
- LO93281 Update encrypted meeting from device and may loose notice body or...
18.Jan THIOASG4LU Letters In Cell Are Displayed In The Wrong Font Size
16.Jan YMAAAT5B88 Users Who Are Added To Delegation Cannot Confirm The Detail Of The Entries In The Group Calendar.
- LO93466 Set $RFSaveInfo field on reply/forward mails generated by Traveler.
- LO93455 Traveler server mistakenly used access error code (0x246)...
12.Jan SOKEATBNNK Memcached has stale data after new user provisioning.
Hide details for 20172017
13.Dec YNIAARR9Q4 Message Body Is Garbled If It Is Encoded By Ms932
30.Nov SOKEASEGA8 SCN customers without password expiration set receiving prompts to update password.
30.Nov CQUNASEP5V Fixed the following issues in Traveler:
LO93044 Large Calendar event processing could impact syncing other data.
LO93196 Traveler server reports not...
09.Nov KKSIARRA6E Suspended Users Are Shown In The "Browse" Tab In The Name Finder
26.Oct CQUNARULT2 addressed the following issues in Traveler:
- LO93084: Forwarded doc links may not work.
- LO93067: Handle encrypted mails that include an Abstract...
12.Oct DVDIANWE42 Fixed a Traveler server crash.
12.Oct MWANAR5LWZ Do not delete the ECLs on the CDIR server.
21.Sep EHOI9YN29B Search result isn't displayed if a user searches emails with a Japanese double-byte character.
21.Sep CQUNAQSNW3 LO92881: High DB CPU when running one query.
21.Sep DADSAPGJEH Internet Domain Verification Is Taking A Long Time To Load Sometimes Resulting In Error.
07.Sep PTHN8KCMGP Characters reported to be not allowed are permitted in DWA name fields.
07.Sep SCAEAK8KK4 Improved search on "User Provisioning with Mail File Transfer" page.
07.Sep SOKEAPFMKJ Import server was incorrectly allowing mail files with a missing / corrupt icon note to be moved to Ready for Provisioning.
07.Sep RSSNAQFK8P LO92829: Add Outlook to existing ActiveSync workaround.
07.Sep JSHAANSRLR A group name in "To" field is changed to another group name when it is sent or "Check Name" icon is clicked.
24.Aug THIO87K636 Some machine-dependent character codes from Outlook Express are not displayed.
24.Aug TOGAANW8GV Changing user name and alternate name at the same time results in an error and rename will not complete.
24.Aug CQUNAPZPAJ LO92783: Android device may be locked out as not secure when it reports it is secure.
10.Aug CQUNAPKPKZ LO92713 Request load balanced from older server gets rejected for non-specific device ID.
10.Aug RMAAAHFKS3 Login Error To Apps: "The User Id or password you entered may be incorrect".
31.Jul NNBNALML35 Certain users are unable to send emails from SCN WebMail as Plain Text.
27.Jul CQUNAP5PAM LO92638 Invitee may added twice to event created from mobile device


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