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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0)


Hide details for  7.0.3 7.0.3
RSCF5X5JELIf a user closes a database during a console "Show Users" command, there is a small chance that a crash can result. This fix solves this problem. ...
HPES5T6JRYFixed a problem where server monitoring periodically crashed.
SDSS6M8JBMFixed an event task crash when Domino Domain Monitor (DDM) probes were enabled.
DADS6VCJFPAdmin Client will hang with a LookUp Handle Error when viewing Database Users and switching between servers. The client will need to be shutdown by...
JMAE5MJMLXThis fix prevents the Full Admin flag from becoming overwritten. Prior to this fix, if you tried to access a server directly, the log file would say...
HPES6T4KU8This fix prevents the occasional event task crash after launching Notes..
HPES6WLRG3With this fix, Server monitoring periodically crashed.
QDQD7646DJThe admin client will no longer crash when reading in large amounts of activity trends data.
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