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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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JCHN6G62HDThis fix prevents a potential server crash.
MLUR6LDRSFFixed a structure alignment problem which could cause a crash on the Unix platform in some situations. The server crashed in the function...
TMIZ6MGNQ9Fixed a problem where an SMIME signed mail message without any internet certificates in the ID file was giving a false verified even if the document...
WRAY6KYLYEFixed an http failure to load SSL if the keyring file has all the CAs roots deleted except for the CA that issued the site certificate. Also fixed a...
BYAG6MN3W4Fixed a panic which occurred on local memory allocates larger than 2 Gig.
JGIR6BPPDXFixed a crash which occurred when running a lsxodbc agent due to memory corruption.
RBRE6BLJQGFixed crashes in the NAMELookup cache due to queue corruption.
ATHS6B5PP8In some cases, the poll task was getting bogged down while purging the log file. The potentially long delay between periodic tasks had caused...
MKIN6FZRESFixed a crash that could happen during auto-recovery after another crash. The crash is in OSChangeNotify due to OSStatic(TLA) returning...
GHAN6KQQD4Fixed a Server crash on function ServerPathlinkCheck. The log file reported the crash when the calling function ...
MMCL6J5NHFFixed a crash in the trust policy code utilized by SSL during a multithreaded, multiprocessor and under load situation.
YPHG6L4A9AOn AIX 5.3, if /etc/resolv.conf is missing Domino can crash. This fix prevents the crash.
KEMG6SRKEMFixed a potential security issue on Linux operating systems. See technote #1249173 for details.
JSTN68ZMTJCollecting Solaris statistics can cause a server crash. This problem was a regression introduced in 6.0.


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