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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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AJAN6TMLPYImproved the HTTP keyring error "HTTP Server: SSL Error: Keyring file format error, key ring file 'file', 'hostname'" to include permissions problem....
GHAN6P3SHUFixed a crash when calling NSFItemDeleteByBLOCKID.
VPRS6XJSXDThis fix prevents fixup and statlog from crashing due to a corrupted database header. The database will not be fixed but rather it will be marked...
WSCN6TMNABThis fix prevents a Server crash on the iSeries platform, which occurred when running a LotusScript Agent.
ANIA6R7BARFixed a problem where the Admin client would crash getting statistics back from the server.
DBLK6PUTDQFixed a server and client crash which occurred when running Fixup on a corrupted mailfile or mailbox. Code has been added to validate and fix the...
AHOE6T6SU3Fixed a server crash on OS400. The server crashed when SCHED started with a corrupted NSF file.
GRCE6SWMU5Fixed a panic in non-production code only, after a timeout waiting for a DB2 connection.
GHAN6YFQ9FFixed a Domino crash in ServerGetNotes. With this fix, a check was added to the Notes handle before calling OSLockObject function.
GPFM5AKKXRFix for xACL causes the server setup failure: "Attachment has been modified or corrupted since signed!".
JCAL6NHL9KFixed an unclear error message when trying to sync an interent password with a Notes password when the Admin Server was down.
LHZO6Z48MSWith this fix, a wait was added for a secondary thread to terminate to avoid a potential crash when the logger is terminating.
TBOD6W8JVKFixed a potential crash when domain indexes certain types of file system files.
WSCN6VKPJXFixed a Domino server crash when encountering Thai characters during CD/Mime Conversion on OS/400.
TFER6QB538Fixed an issue with an internal API argument data type which resulted in the possible loss of data on AIX & Solaris due to the size of handle being...
TBOO6VXJ57Fixed a "Panic: Lookup Handle:null handle" crash in the catalog task.
WSCN6YSSQJFixed random full text indexing memory issues/crashes.
KEMG6B7MMJFixed a potential security issue with Lotus Notes/Domino Memory Mapped Files. See technote # 1257030 for more details.
RBRE6W2L64With this fix, random crashes are avoided in LSXBE when running agents - usually via HTTP.
GYJG7759TLThe catalog task sometimes failed to properly display the ACLs on a database when running on UNIX servers. This has been corrected.
TACN74JHVQFixed a server/compact/fixup/updall crash with corrupted NSF on i5/OS..
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