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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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ATHS77C5SWFixed error "PANIC: LookupHandle: handle not allocated in TUAGetInfo" which was displayed because the extensible hash index was...
JCHN72JK3TFixed a crash while allocating shared memory handles.
GYJG73YCNGThis fix prevents a server crash on a corrupted database.
GYJG7759TLThe catalog task sometimes failed to properly display the ACLs on a database when running on UNIX servers. This has been corrected.
JROU756RQUFixed potential memory corruption.
JPIU6PELNFFixed a server crash in NetAbortCheck.
MIAS744QL2The server may crash in ServerGetNotes running with constrained memory. This fix corrects a problem where a null netbuffer was used. The fix...
SRIO75MSNWFixed a server crash which happend when the file system was 99% full. Added error handling for all possible errors when resources are not allocated,...
DBLK79YN2QFixed a Domino server crash on i5/OS.
GHAN769NUUFixed a server crash in OSDeletePool().
PTHN766RL6A lengthy disclaimer in the configuration doc no longer causes a server crash.
SPRT74XNMCFixed a server crash with error "Document has invalid structure".
RTOA79FU6AFixed a problem where AIX 6.1 dbx could not print a call stack after crash.
WWHN77CQCLFixed an AdminP crash in BatchRequest::DoProcessRequest.
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