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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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ADET7ARSLZFixed a Domino server crash when trying to run an empty input file on the Domino console.
CGMC7C9TGNFixed a server crash which occurred every 80th minute on the update task.
DSTT6Y9PUGFixed a problem that could cause the SMTP task to crash, when Domino.MAIL Activity Logging was enabled.
EDOE7B6RHWFixed a Domino server crash inside ExecGetCurrentTaskBlock.
KPIN5HVR34Fixed issue with document properties.
LHAR72TE8ADomino listen driver caused an OS Solaris crash under OS low memory condition.
MALK7AGG5CFixed a lookup handle panic during error path in SECImportRecoveryInfo API.
RAGG7C8KRELogging in from DWA incorrectly lists 2 failure attempts instead of 1.
SEGN79EGB5Fixed a Domino server crash managing the XACL.
WMUY7CPVEZFixed a server crash reading SrvDbGetUnreadTable.
AMOO6NHQXJRemoved debug_env_io code from production. Prior to this fix, that debug variable hung the server.
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