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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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CGIK4RBAV5Fixed a problem which caused -No Signature- alerts when using a Help Request Event to another database.
DBAR525JTYFixed a potential security issue.
ASUM53MBTZFixed a problem which prevented large messages from being decrypted when using S/MIME.
ASIN4M4RXFWhen an S/MIME email is received that cannot be decrypted because the algorithm used is not supported (e.g. CAST-128), an entry is recorded in the...
GGEB4UCV9QWhen sending encrypted Notes mail to a user with an International license, the 630-bit key will now be used.
KSPR52NVP5Fixed reading and writing of attachments in documents protected by a readers' list. Please refer to Lotus Customer Support Technote #188900, for...
MJUK4NGRMUFixed a problem which prevented large messages from being decrypted when using S/MIME.
SCAI52JLULNew Lotus Companion product template signer name added to the default ECL: "Domino Unified Communications Services/Lotus Notes Companion...


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