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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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PPET4YAKBLThe ACL will now allow multiple/nested O= fields for LDAP authentication.
KSPR5HUPEKFixed an iNotes buffer overrun. See Technote #1104542 for more details.
MCHE5AN22SFixed an HTTP memory leak using SSL.and directory assistance.
KSPR5HUPEKFixed an iNotes buffer overrun. See Technote #1104542 for more details.
JPAI5HFKTSUsers are now prevented from copying documents at both a view level and when the document is opened for reading or editing, and from copying or...
JWRY5EBJZQMaster keyring file is now in it's proper location.
MROE58NNW9 Ability to export PKCS12 formatted files on the MAC client and reimport to any other type of client.
MCHE5G3TPEThe file master.kyr in the data directory has updated root certificates.
KSPR5HUQ59Fixed an iNotes buffer overrun. See Technote # 1104527 for more details.
DBAR5CJJJSFixed a potential Denial of Service attack. See Technote # 1105101 for more details.


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