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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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JCHN5F9KC7Fixed a keyfile processing crash on AIX.
DDUO5DTPKVUpdated the default root certificates for newly created server keyrings.
SFPN5DVTCGFixed recovery from an R6 client to R5 server and disallow self-signed certificate to be revoked.
SSHE5E5JHNFixed a problem causing an unnecessary notification of certificate expiration when creating a cross certificate.
SFPN5DVTETProvided the ability to re-enable a certifier for the ca process.
RPAI5DWKJ3Fixed SMIME handling of "certificates-only" mime messages.
YGUO5EER22 Fixed a problem where the subject was not added to the XACL if mixed languages are used, such as Korean and Chinese.
NSUA5DTTCVFixed a problem which prevented authentication using an ID that was being upgraded from flat to hierarchical. This also fixes a problem that was...
NSUA5DNRTKRestored functionality for rejecting certificate publication requests.
NSUA5E3SU9Increased the width of the "Certificate received into key right..." dialog box to avoid text wrapping.
NSUA5DX265Added the "Delete Document' action to the 'Purge' action button on the Issued/Rejected certificates view.
MROE5E6S2VError message received when Signed and Encrypted Reply with History is sent and changed to a Signed and Encrypted S/MIME message.


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