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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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JPAI636PM4Error: "The requested item does not exist" after upgrading a server with a Flat ID. The flat id is being converted to hierarchical and then fails...
HCHU5WZ346Error "The name is not in the list" was displayed after adding /* to the ACL.
GPRN5VVJVVXACL code intermittently accessed invalid memory. This would cause an Nserver xacl crash after renaming a user.
AHOD5YHPZKFixed the error "The provided certifier id cannot be validated against the ICL database" received after trying to modify a newly certified id using...
KLIN5SJL2GRemoved an unnecessary restriction which prevents the misuse of Notes licenses.
JLLE5UT7T7This fix enables Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP, and 2003 clients to exit if a user enters the maximum number of invalid passwords, no...
JMAS5YRHL2Fixed a problem where the security policy was not retrieved from the correct matching person record.
WTON5XMS9NThis fix prevents a client hang/CPU spike which can occur in certain cases when parsing badly encoded x509 certificates.
WSCT62VK72Fixed an overwrite in the user security panel for certificates in the Name and Address Book with names greater than 256.
MROE5R5C9ZFixed a problem that corrupted ID files for servers with a non-hierarchical name. Please note: In order for the fix to work, it is necessary to...
SFPN5XURUDThe "OK" button was disabled for "Choose a Certifier". This problem has been fixed and the button enabled.
RPAI5ZSJ6ZFixed a problem where subsequent certificates were still displayed even after an error message was generated.
JCHN646M9VFixed an intermittent crash which occurred during verification of an x509 certificate in the trust policy.
DKEN697PK4Some tokens (such as the Belgian and Estonian eID cards) support RSA crypto with pre-established keys, but do not support RSA key generation. A...
BAKH5W8MS3Fixed replication problems when LocalDomainServers do not have Manager access.
EHET5XBSY6Notes does not support Internet certificates with names greater than 255 chars long. Notes will now take steps to prevent the user from getting into...
CPAN65S5CTUnable to Drag & Drop after installing Microsoft's Security patch #MS04-038. To fix this problem, 6.0.5/6.5.4 must be installed and users must add...
DGRS5EJRCHFixed misleading information during registering CA keyring to CA process.
JZHG63SBWFIn the case of a deployed security policy that allows synchronization of Notes password and internet password, Domino would assume (due to password...


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