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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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MKIN67MQVWFixed a memory leak during SSL handshake. This leak will not be seen in memory dumps, but customers might see HTTP grow in virtual memory up to the...
MKIN693QUTFixed a memory leak in the stash file during SSL handshake. This leak will not be seen in memory dumps but customers might see HTTP grow in virtual...
MKIN693QX4Fixed a memory leak during X.509 certificate verification.
PMIA66JJWKBetter recovery from transient low memory conditions. During the authentication phase of a connection to a Domino server, if a memory allocation...
SFPN69ET56Added the new Notes.ini variable (SSL_SESSION_SIZE) that can be used to set the default starting size of elements in the SSL session resumption...
DJAG6AXMD2This fix eliminates the extra Notes ID load when sending secure mail.
GPKS5YQGPTFixed a potential security issue.
BFEY5SDN22Fixed a leak in SMIME processing.
MCHG6AQ6DTThis fixes a wording error with Custom Password Policy
MROE699JECAdded encryption of local .nsf cache by default during installation.
AELE6DZFJWFixed a crash which occurred when parsing a certificate from a Certificate Table received from a remote client.
BDAS6BLJ9ZBroken links caused red X marks on certain HTML messages. This regression was introduced in 6.0.2.
RSOI665H29Fixed a client crash when switching user ID's.
RPAI67GNNCFixed SMIME signature verification when a signed part has 8-bit encoded data in it.
HNAA6976FPAfter changing the HTTP password twice, the error message "wrong password" was displayed.
KEMG6BENEMAdded backend support to specify the minimum number of any combination of numeric, uppercase, special characters with custom password...
KBLK66RSKPFixed a configuration checking problem
RBEO696SU3Fixed a crash which occurs when the ACL is close to the 32K limit. This crash only occurs in non production code.
NSUA4FQPTNResolved a crash that occurred when using the Domino Administration client to create an SSL key ring in the Certificate Administration database...
LCDL68K9ZXFixed a problem importing a pkcs12 file with no password, exported from MS into Notes id file or directory.
JPAI6ALNAXFixed a memory access violation when port encryption was enabled.
JPAI68SSZNError "You must supply the bulk decryption key in order to extract this file object..." was displayed after creating a Calendar or ToDo Entry that...
JMAL6BGMDCUpdated error message to be more descriptive when mailing backup ID fails.
LMEF6B8KWKFixed a memory corruption error.
TMIZ67BG73Fixed a signing failure message which occurred when a user is configured with more than one alternate subject name in their signing...


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