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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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HYSI6FRAMWFixed a server error when trying to print an encrypted document if the user's internet password and Notes password are different.
GHAN6FJN4TFixed memory leak when a user requests to change the password.
KSMH6EBRTYFixed a potential security issue (discovered internally).
MROE5YHSHDWith this fix, if a user is not found due to slow replication, etc., the AdminP 'Recertify Person In Directory' will be retried.
LMMS6LRTGAFixed a grammatical error in a message which was shown for users which had insufficient rights to access Domino Web Access Redirect...
ANIA6JVDEXFixed an HTTP crash which occurred when many users changed the HTTP password concurrently.
VSEN6QRM66For additional security, change DWA document pages to return Cache-control: no-store rather than Cache-control: no-cache
VSEN6QYKKPThis fix enables Domino Web Access to return Cache-Control: no-store even for HTTP 1.0 to deposit less data within browser caches. This fix also...
VCAL6MENEWDomino Web Access polling prevented SSO idle timeout from happening. This submission provides a method to determine if a request is a...
SODY6NKFCCUnable to move a user to a new OU because the dialog truncated the text. The whole operation of moving to a new certifier failed. To avoid this...
RPAI6MHHJAFixed a Domino Web Access user from trying to change the http password while connected to a server that is not the administrator...
KPAL6NHQBUFixed a potential security issue. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
SLED6LRN9KThis fix stops Domino from incorrectly setting items protected when a note was modified by a user with Author access and the database was included in...
MSER6NZU57This fix prevents ActiveSync from prompting the password multiple times, and
prevents a crash in ActiveSync.
KEMG6R8JBFFixed a potential security issue. See technote # 1248026 for more details.
HCHU5VE4TLFixed a memory leak which occurred after selecting the option to Export Secret Key.
HSAO6GPN4RCode was changed to search on the full name in a certificate if no CN= attribute was found.
KEMG6SRVDMFixed a potential security issue. See technote #1257026 for more details.
DWHR6SYE3ZFixed a potential Cross Site Scripting (XSS) security issue. See technote # 1247201 for more details.
SFPN6E9QKSFixed a ZLinux CRL process problem.
MIAS6T7LEDFixed a potential security issue.
JCHS6MNL5PFixed a server crash on CscanmenNE.
ARUI6T6J2FWith this fix, if a database had been locally encrypted for an international user, it can be encrypted for a North American user.
RSOI6R6KBGFixed smime signature checking after encountering a sender with internet certificates that contain t61 encoded special characters in the subject or...
PKIM6UQT9CFix for security issue with corrupted/missing ACL's.
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