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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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TMIZ5ZSG2VReturn Receipt Requests from the Internet caused the Notes Client to generate Return Receipts
that contain the Recipient's Distinguished...
TTRT6F4UZXIn User Security identity of others, we fixed a crash in the dialogs for Retrieve Internet Service certificate. The crash would be experienced only...
TGUZ6EUMKVSets "Use more secure Internet Passwords" as default value when creating a new Directory Profile in the Domino Directory.
MMFD6GPJS8This fix makes an AdminP response to missing cross certificate error more descriptive. The error occurred on the common item...
KEMG6FKUBPFixed a potential security issue.
RAGG6DVRQHThis fix deletes alarm data which is stored locally when a user selects to clear the history with the more secure option during...
LCDL6DVBNW Fixed incorrect error message returned when pasting text exceeding 512 characters into the custom message field.
LLGO6E24ZNThis fix stops Firefox's security warning "Although this page is encrypted, the information you have entered is to be sent over an unencrypted...
MROE6CWHYYA better confirmation message is now used when picking up an internet certificate using the Notes browser.
FLFL6D553UFixed a problem when using Firefox on Windows: the browser hangs when the user tries to archive mail messages to the local machine and if the SSL...
HYSI6FRAMWFixed a server error when trying to print an encrypted document if the user's internet password and Notes password are different.
HYSI6FAB2TWarning displayed when trying to delegate an encrypted repeat To Do. This regression was introduced in 7.0 and fixed in 7.0.1.
FLFL6EJ633Unable to remove an invitee from an encrypted Meeting document. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.1.
FLFL6EMEBJStop showing "Forward" menu if a meeting notice is encrypted and SSL access is required to read it by server setting, but accessing via...
GHAN6FJN4TFixed memory leak when a user requests to change the password.
AMIA6G8QANFixed a problem where an internet certificate was not added to ID's created with 512 bits and later updated to 1024. Also removed the conditional max...
FLFL6EE5MMThe "select repeating instance" dialog is displayed twice when a user opens an encrypted repeat meeting document.
DILC6FUPBZPrompt user to enter a valid host name when attempting to retrieve an internet certificate from the User Security Dialog instead of returning "Remote...
KEMG6FKUBTFixed a potential security issue.
KSMH6EBRTYFixed a potential security issue (discovered internally).
SFXA6BE5ZEFixed a Security issue where the Domino Web Access warning message was displayed after an invitee opened a cancellation notice document via http, and...
XQCO6E39NBWhen Domino Web Access needs to open a user's notes id, it first tries using the password provided by the user when she logged into the Web Server. ...
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