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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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BKAN79MK92Fixed id recovery from not working if more than quroum recovery passwords are provided to the API SECRecoverIDFile.
AALZ7E9QX5Fixed policy initialization of certificate expiration warning days.
CSCT7A2VQMBefore performing the AdminP change password hash request, a check will now be made to see if the current server is the Admin server for the...
DBRH7DLNUYFixed a perfomance issue which occurred if there were many CAs in the CA process on one server. With this fix, all requests will be performed for...
DJAG7BQL7AFixed syntax error may cause compile error. This regression was introduced in 8.0.1.
GHAN7EDPD9This fix removes the dialog button for the unused configuration in the recovery id file dialog.
FMEG7DXCWUFixed a warning message if recovery passwords are changed to be anything but 16 in length.
JXBI76WB5ZThis fix allows the security namelist to be greater then 32k. Requires UseSummaryNameList=0 to remove limit.
JRGE7C7Q23Fixed a problem where the authority of movement differed from the authority of modification.
OFFI7D7T2AFixed a crash: PANIC: LookupHandle: null handle in SecSearchForEntry.
RHAN7CV258Prior to this fix, the OS password was not changed when changing the Notes Password using "Client Single Logon" feature. This regression was...
PRAD7E2LQ4Fixed a potential security issue.


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