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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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AYAVA67A8ZFix for security issue in Notes Client
AYAN9PVFH7Fixes secuirty issue in iNotes
DKENA32JMPAdds support for Extended Master Secret (RFC 7627) to TLS 1.2
BLAS9JGC3VFixes secuirty issue in iNotes
BLAS9JQH85Fixes secuirty issue in iNotes
PSIHA4T9ARFixes Notes Client security issue.
MLAT9YLHMBFixes secuirty issue in iNotes
NNUZA45883Fixes secuirty issue in iNotes
NNUZA3X6AYFixes secuirty issue in iNotes
EPORA47JCCFixes secuirty issue in iNotes
EPORA47JREFixes secuirty issue in iNotes
EPOR9KTK5ZFixes secuirty issue in iNotes
KLYHA57S37This fix disables TLS session resumption on outbound connections by default


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