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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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JCHN62T3ABFixed a problem where the server crashed under normal use and displayed the error "PANIC: LookupHandle: null handle". With this fix, we gracefully...
JYMA6U4D8EFixed a Notes client crash which occurred when creating a new replica between two servers.
JPAI6WPPEJFixed an unread crash during replication.
FMEG6QJDC7Fixed a problem where Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook would crash when initializing over 470 folders.
MROE74KH59DAMO currently has a hardcoded limit of 24 server address books. If more are configured, none
are downloaded, the client may crash. Bump up this...
MSER724U72Crashes due to multiple threads overwriting shared memory without waiting for a lock mechansim.
NRBY6ZSK52Fixed a crash due to the current message being cleared by another thread and not restored.
NRBY729SZ8Inevitably, there will be docs of unexpected formats that we will be unable to replicate to DAMO. With this fix, a crash will not occur on these...
TKIE5X76ZTFixed Server crash in DBDIRMAN caused by a fullpitch DBCS character in file name.
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Show details for  7.0.2 FP1 7.0.2 FP1
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