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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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JSDW7VKFSPFixed a Domino server hang if lots of language users access DWA at the same time. The server was caching the same form for each language used. This...
DOLA7R3N9SPrior to this fix, NoteUpdateReallocedFormBitmap was passed a pointer to a truncated note this results in an access exception crash. The code tries...
JSDS7VPGVVFixed a transaction logging cleanup caused memory corruption and various unlock type crashes. This regression was introduced in...
JPMS7YCPNJFixed a server crash on shut down due when using DAOS.
ETHU59NT2DFixed a server crash due to garbage memory data which could not be initialized. This regression was introduced in 8.5.
TPOK7VYVRKFixed a potential server hang caused by the Chronos task holding a semaphore.
FTZG7RLBZ2Fixed an intermittent server crash in ActDestroyActInfo.
GRCE7ZWT6TFixed an intermittent server crash due to a bad bblock handle updating views in a database being brought back online.
BRIS5PFHURFixed an intermittent "Panic: LookupHandle: handle out of range" error and crash.
OFFI7WFVBGServer crash in AutoFDGDeaccessQueueEntries.
MJUK7YKQN9Fixed a server crash with error message "Path to transaction log does not match actual path, using old path. Please UPDATE SERVER...
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