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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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AHOE76C68JWhen running a LotusScript agent, the server may crash when inserting data into a Rich Text item. This problem has been fixed.
ADC7CYQJ5Fixed an Access_Violation in the nlnotes process. This regression was introduced in 8.0.1.
DCOE6KPW48Fixed a crash calling fulltrim on arrays returned from certain other lotusscript builtin functions (eg Join).
CBMO74QHY8Fixed a sporadic crash in LS String handling.
DPOL6QGGBBFIxed a Server/Client crash when using LotusScript Array unique function.
HNAA7A6JJXFixed a crash in LSSiMEMMGR::OSHeapBlkFree() when running LotusScript agent.
MNAA7CUCZYFulltrim sometimes crashed when a large array was slightly reduced.
MKAA5JETF3Fixed a crash in LotusScript Fulltrim with variant array of objects.
YYYN7AV3ZMFixed a possible crash in Contact Preferences dialog.
NBRR69PVKWFixed crashes encountered using array functions as arguments.
SKAI7BUG7YArgument limit was not documented, and even though the limit was 12 we would allow up to 18 and crash at 19. With this fix, the limit has been...
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