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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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RSCR6MBJ3CFixes Lotus Notes crash when executing the LotusScript DIR function (or Dir$).
JJDI7YKJD5Server crash on HTTP using a 64 bit AIX or Windows platform. The most common cause is running a web triggered LotusScript agent under heavy load. ...
EHLE7XEANBFixed a server crash while opening a very long named file. With this fix an error will be returned if the size limit is exceeded, instead of...
ATCY7R4MNCFixed a crash that manifested itself in diiop because of the way diiop works. It unloads and loads the nnotes.dll which in turn causes stress on the...
AJAN82QTNBFixed a problem with multiple Clients simultaneously doing Seamless mail upgrade (SMU), a stage that runs the LS Compiler on the Server may run 2...
JPAI7WXKF4Fixed a Domino Server Crash that can happen under certain error conditions, particularly low memory scenarios - PANIC: LookupHandle: null...
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