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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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ECLD5M9KCVA LotusScript agent that invokes NotesRichTextItem EmbedObject for an object or object link could crash if run on the Domino server. The...
BRIS5VFKPTFixed an intermittent nRunJava crash at server shutdown.
DRET6SNHHRFixed infrequent crashes in RunJava related to thread termination.
JKAH72VJV3Performance enhancements that are necessary for spr # KEMG6M9RAU.
MKIA6L59YMFixed LotusScript function crash caused by DBCS string issue.
DJOE6WQEA4Fixed a NotesDatabase.SetOption crash. The problem occurred when checking an agents' security level even if it was called by view...
RSOI6QDG86Fixed a crash using NotesUIDocument.send() inside a formula's @Dialogbox with the [NoNote] option.
THIO6X584EFixed a possible NotesUIDocument crash immediately after startup when Home Page is app desktop. This regression was introduced in...
KEMG6M9RAUFixed an issue where the Evaluate LotusScript Method was returning unexpected results. See technote # 1273266 for more details.
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