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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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RHAN6CAJY9When the installer creates the Program and Data files directories, the default security permission's were inherited from the parent directory. On...
KEMG6ES28EFixed a Lotus Notes issue with insecure default permissions.
JKEY6X9HQ7Fixed a DOLS ndolmgr crash on system startup when running IBM Access Connection on a ThinkPad.
JLLU77EEAPFixed a crash caused by XPD deprovision.
HANA7BCSJJFixed a panic running OS390 server.
BMGH74LMWNFixed a hang when exiting Notes after restarting from Designer.
KLSG76K99LNotes crash after setup before migration bookmark progress bar display.
WMUY75ZTLQFixed a server crash when Smart Upgrade Kits have bad configuration information.
AVIR7FPR8XMade Optional Network Drivers component invisible on "Customized Domino Installation" server screen. They will be installed always
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