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Security fixes Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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JCOS5UTL6SFixed a crash which happened because of memory overwriting. If the length of any value in a multi-value field exceeds 512, the crash would happen...
KEMG6X9QEDFixed a potential keyview security issue with a Word Perfect file. See technote # 1271111 for more details.
BCOE6QYR9GFixed a crash "PANIC: CheckMarkers: Memory following object has been destroyed" which occurred when opening and closing a mail...
ABAR766HWWFixed a spell check client crash.
DXJA6P83ZBFixed a Notes crash when using paste special. The issue occured when user used Paste Special to paste some "Rich Text" text.
DXJA6P84UWFixed a Notes crash when paste special. This issue occured when user used Paste Special to paste some "Rich Text" text.
JLLU6TV4M9Fixed a Notes crash when pasting some pictures. This issue occured when a user used Paste to paste some PNG image.


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