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Security fixes Recommended Release (12.0.2 FP2)


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GSER78JTTBFixed a Linux client crash which occurred when trying to upload a file in the blog database.
THSE78358CFixed a client crash which occurred the next time it was started after a failover.
SSZG79HG5YFixed email crashes in Notes 8.0.
YYSN752J2WFixed a hang due to launching with an invalid desktop6.ndk.
SCHN76SD26Renamed HWND argument to HDC for FontSelect.
CCWI7632TRFixed a Notes crash after clicking the extend button on the toolbar in the toolbar preference windows.
JJZU75D9XCFixed a crash after dragging and dropping a pdf file.
HOKO75MQ98Signature of Encryption and Security icons no longer keep spaces when they are invisible.
HQCN76G9GVFixed a Notes crash with NSD after changing locations.
SSZG7787PXFixed a hang which occurred after switching ID's.


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