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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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ZASI7VY5RH8.5.2In prior releases, Notes could create corrupted strings in Azerbijan, that look correct but are not detected by searches. In 8.5.2 this has been...
ZBZO7K2HAP8.5.1,8.0.2 FP2Opening a view which has access to limited documents taking longer in 8.0 than 7.0.2.
ZBZO895AW98.5.3Fixed an issue in C++ API tool kit where redundant section was created when running a C++ API application.
ZBZO89GAMP8.5.3Fixed a problem that an exception is thrown that Users cannot access rich text characters directly when using the C++ API tool kit.
ZBZO8ATH4R8.5.3Fixed an error that occurs when parsing nested table when calling C++ API.
ZGSN6JTDK87.0.2,6.5.6Messages from the Sametime Admin would be ignored by the Notes client. Now they are properly displayed.
ZGSN6R8A6J7.0.4A warning message no longer displayes after deleting a date (From or To) from within the Print Range of the Print Calendar dialog...
ZGSN86C7GD8.5.2When the Multilingual application property was enabled in the Application properties and multiple Shared Action Notes were created with different...
ZGWG6UG4BB7.0.3The status field was being used as both a "value" for code/view formula and column value text. This made it difficult for translation as the column...
ZGWG6V63DL7.0.3The blog template uses a custom file upload control that breaks when a new copy is taken of the template (for example when taking a copy for...
ZGWG7UKHJU8.5.2 Addressed text overlap issues with Move and Create Folder dialog for certain languages when running with Firefox on Ubuntu.
ZGWG7UKJDA8.5.2Fixed dialog overlap issue with "Starts With" search Contacts view dialog for certain languages on Ubuntu client
ZGWG7UKJNH8.5.2Fixed dialog overlap with Print dialog from Contacts for certain languages on Ubuntu client
ZGWG7UM5FM8.5.2FIxed dialog layout with certain languages for the spell check dictionary dialog
ZGWG7UM6BG8.5.2Fixed layout issue with Preference - Mail - Signature tab on Mac client
ZGWG7UM7Q78.5.2Fixed calander view outline truncation issues for certain languages.
ZGWG7UT9WB8.5.2Resolved scroll bar layout issues with Import Holiday Dialog when running from a Suse Linux client
ZGWG7UUAZ48.5.2Fixed UI layout issue with Delete meeting notice warning dialog when running on a Ubuntu Linux client for certain languages.
ZGWG7UUBWC8.5.2Resolved UI layout issue on a Ubuntu Linux client with the dialog for adding a Google Calendar overlay.
ZGWG868D798.5.2Fixed problem with certain languages where the Contactits "by e-mail" and "by name" views incorrectly have the same tab alphabets.
ZHLI6WECZX7.0.3,8.0.1Memory map files in /tmp directory will be deleted by the system periodically. A check will be performed to avoid a crash.
ZHLI85E4LS8.5.3Fixed a problem in Notes Mac Client when executing AppleScript with the document parameter "editdocument," an error "Notes got an error: Error #...
ZHNU7KG8WN8.5.1Fixed layout and window title truncation for localized My Calendar help dialogs
ZHNU7KT6748.5.1Fixed Ultra-light iPhone layout and truncation problems when localizing the message header section
ZHNU7M5AQT8.5.2Resolved layout issues for certain languages with the "Open Contacts for" dialog
ZHNU7NF9C38.5.1Fixed text label truncation problem with localized message save confirmation dialog
ZHNU7NWDB38.5.1Fixed text label wrapping problem with localized Insert Link dialog
ZHNU7P7BGS8.5.2Resolved search view text truncation with certain languages for the "View by e-mail" Contacts view
ZHZH69QBRL6.5.5Crash when inserting subform in Designer. This regression was introduced in 6.5.4.
ZHZH6X6DE68.0.1Changed instant Spell Check keyboard shortcut to "N".


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