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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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YALL9FCBKM9.0.1 FP1Addressed an issue that prevented the Client fixpack install. This issue was found and corrected prior to shipping 9.0.1 FP1 so did not impact any...
YALL9H9C7N9.0.1 FP1Companion fix needed for RPAL9D96ZT that was also fixed in 9.0.1 FP1.
YALL9LT67A9.0.1 FP3CKEditor version updated to
YALLA2LBAU9.0.1 FP6Fixes Notes Client install failure when there are already two fixpacks installed and Notes had never been launched previously. This is a regression...
YASI4BK9Z65.0.2aLSDO Japanese @DBcolumn and @DBlookup returned no value
YASI4D24SJ5.0.2bJapanese nsd.sh did not work before temporary files were created
YASI4E485M5.0.2bDECS Japanese no err msg was displayed saving new line code from rich text field to DB2 graphic
YASI4FH72H5.0.3LSDO Japanese insert statement with long DBCS parm hung server
YASI4FJADY5.0.3LSDO Japanese DB_INFO_Tablename of Fieldinfo for DBCS tbl name was invalid data
YASI4HPKUF5.0.4Fixed a server hang caused by an invalid SQL submission containing a field longer than 255 characters.
YASI4J5KAG5.0.4aDECS Japanese server hung at start and was DECS activity to non-existent DB2
YASI4J5P9Y5.0.4aDECS Japanese to DB2 ASCII table added invalid text at top of new line
YASI4M64Q35.0.5LSDO: Japanese: GetValue from Graphic column in ASCII DB2 table misses SO and SI
YASI4M88PK5.0.6aDECS Japanese activity with multi-value data did not work
YASI4MF9TR5.0.5LSDO: Japanese: @DBColumn can not get data correctly from Graphic column in Japanese named DB2 table
YASI4MJ4PG5.0.5LSDO: Japanese: GetValue can not get data correctly from Graphic column in Japanese named DB2 table
YASI4P64QZ5.0.7DECS/HTTP: Cannot open DECS mapped document via HTTP. This problem has been fixed in 5.0.7.
YASI4QH7X55.0.7Japanese 930: @DBLookup can now get data from CCSID 930 DB2
YASI4RZ8R55.0.7DECS: Japanese: Trim does not work for a field greater than 512 bytes. This problem has been fixed in 5.0.7.
YASI6R2AMH7.0.3Fixed all known GRAPHIC problems, all non-ISeries platforms.
YASI6R5CMR7.0.3Fixed all known graphic problems on all non-ISeries platforms.
YASI6R7CEH7.0.3Fixed all known graphic problems on all non-ISeries platforms.
YASI6RM8GL7.0.3With this fix, polling activity stops at the next Polling cycle after "Stop At Time".
YBER6N6PZ87.0.2Prior to this fix, users with an LTPA token were seen by the http stack as already authenticated. This regression was introduced in...
YBGO7WP2YG8.5.2Fixed the problem that Notes does not use the default printer when printing on Linux. In 8.5.2, Notes selects the default printer automatically as...
YBJG7RJAJT8.5.2Improved startup performance of Notes standard client on Mac for roaming user. Fixed Workspace roaming problem for Notes basic client on...
YBJG7TYBWN8.5.2Fixed roaming of user dictionary: dictionary will be detached from user's personal NAB even if it is missing from the local data...
YBJG85SB898.5.2Fixed Roaming policy to support multi-level directories in File Server name. Exceptions are Linux platforms that do not support mounting multi-level...
YBJG8AGCBN8.5.3,8.5.2 FP2Fix resolves a roaming user issue where, Notes does not reset if all roaming files are missing from File Server when Notes is...
YBJG8WH5JP9.0,8.5.3 FP4Fixed miscellaneous undisclosed Keyview filter vulnerabilities (CERT VU#849841) in 8.5.3 FP4 and 9.0. Further information can be found in technotes...


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