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SPR Recommended Release (12.0.2 FP2)


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XBXB9QCH559.0.1 FP3Fixes issue where if a doc link created by AppendDocLink is sent to another database, the link can be opened in Domino853, but can not be opened in...
XBXB9YPDQ79.0.1 FP4Fixes attachment upload module in XPage showing EN language version after Domino server upgrade from 901 to 901FP. This is a regression in 9.0.1...
XBXBA6C3T711.0iNotes - iNotes Web Access now supports Edge.
XBYNBPC6GP12.0,11.0.1 FP1,10.0.1 FP6iNotes - Fixed an issue where clicking on tabs in tables in a web browser would sometimes result in Error 400, Invalid URL Exception. This...
XBYNBRPCSN12.0Client - Mail - Simplified Chinese Mail Template - Fixed an issue where the font size within a single word in the action bar was different when new...
XBYNBRPDU812.0Client - Mail - Fixed an issue in the Simplified Chinese mail template where the font size was inconsistent in the Calendar form. This regression...
XBYNBU736210.0.1 FP7,12.0,11.0.1 FP2Designer - XPages - Fixed an issue in XPages where adding a container control and choosing "View", then selecting a view would result in the error...
XBYNBW6A5511.0.1 FP3,12.0Notes - Mac Big Sur - Fixed an issue with Simplified Chinese Notes client where many text/words/settings shows as Traditional...
XBYNC2Y9HM12.0.1Templates - Mail - Simplified Chinese - Fixed an issue where the font size of words in same line was different in the "Meeting" and "Event...
XBYNC86A8W12.0.1Templates - Mail - Fixed an issue in the Simplified and Traditional Chinese mail templates where the reply/forward response icon did not show up in...
XBYNCAF6N910.0.1 FP8,12.0.2,12.0.1 FP1,11.0.1 FP5iNotes - Fixed a problem where inline images were converted to attachments when a mail with an inline image was forwarded or replied with...
XBYNCDM3FU12.0.2Client - Workspace - Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping a bookmark of a local replica to the "Replication and Sync" page resulted in the...
XBYNCGKC6212.0.2Templates - mail12.ntf - zh-CH - Fixed an issue where "alarm" was incorrectly translated.
XBYNCLL9LC14.0,12.0.2 FP1Admin Client - ID Vault - Fixed an issue where creating a new ID vault using the 12.02 Domino Admin client would result in a crash.
XBYNCPK2SF12.0.2 FP2,14.0Programmability - XPages - Fixed an issue where small images were not being displayed in rich text fields. This regression was introduced in...
XCDL7TJDDE8.5.2,8.5.1 FP5Prior to this fix, if a user changes the ID he is logged in as, the previous user's tabs will remain open. This fix closes prior user's...
XCDL7VP5HW8.5.2Fixed Mac client problem where Notes would crash when drag and drop was attempted quickly and repeatedly. Regression was introduced in...
XCDL7ZQ8KX8.5.2Fixed problem where the Cancel button in the New Location dialog box was truncated when using extra large font.
XCDL835A9E8.5.2Fixed problem where some items being dragged to folder still remained in Inbox
XCDL844CKG8.5.2Fixed the problem where popup text in Getting Started Page had truncation issue when using Extra Large fonts
XCDL8588RF8.5.2 Multiple chat icons appear on action bar in Draft view of mail file.
XCDL89BBJZ8.5.3Fixed a LNN2 database issue where the first message in a mail conversation is not selected when the conversation is expanded
XCDL89Q8588.5.2 FP1Addressed the problem where a user cannot use the F5 key to refresh connections view in sidebar.
XCXC7G29UT8.5.2fix to allow importing x509 internet certificate chain if root and intermediate CAs are not the same by using V3 portion of certificate when...
XCXC7L963L8.5.1Notes often hangs after Thai language is set as default spell checking dictionary
XCXC7MEDPQ9.0Fixes a server crash that could occur during the conversion of a document to html by the http process.
XCXC7Y3B4S8.5.2Fixed problem where the user cannot switch the Preference tab after the date/time separator setting has been previously changed from a...
XCXC82B4LQ8.5.3Fixed "type mismatch in method CoerStrToNum" error which occurred when using a unique OS time format (AM 09:00) and performing a Quick Follow...
XCXC8EJ4JA8.5.3,8.5.2 FP3Fix resolves a memory leak & error within the Domino LDAP server when used with IBM Lotus Connections. It is recommended customers use one filter...
XDHO7K757U8.0.2 FP2IBM i 6.1 only: The system PTF groups can't be displayed correctly in NSD


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