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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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WAE5STVP66.0.4Selecting a document, after bringing up the Infobox, used to intermittently open the document. This fix will just select the document, not open it. ...
WAG4GXLDR5.0.12Fixed a problem where changing document encoding in the preview pane would crash on some documents.
WAN489P6T5.0.6Provided a fix to allow NotesUIDocument.EditDocument() to honor a target frame set by SetTargetFrame.
WAN49ME5W5.0.3Some rare situations where the Notes C API functions MailGetMessageBodyText and ConvertItemToText could fail to justify lines correctly have been...
WAR42HJQN5.0.2b,5.0.3Fix a problem which caused a crash when a password was entered during the composition of a Calendar entry (because of the user pressing F5 or because...
WAR42HJQN5.0.3Fix a problem which caused a crash when a password was entered during the composition of a Calendar entry (because of the user pressing F5 or because...
WAR4KUKN55.0.5Fixed a problem where Notes Rich Text to MIME conversion incorrectly included a description of attachment datatype as the name of attachments in mail...
WAR4MCLBR7.0.1,6.5.6Fixed the command "load convert mail\mail.nsf * mail50.ntf " which enabled the ACL access "Create Shared Folders/Views" for the default...
WAR4NVHHH5.0.6Fixed a problem with the change password notification from client to server. This regression was introduced in 5.0.2c.
WARE5XRFY67.0.1Fixed a problem where the client setup was not setting the flag for "don't want IM integration".
WASH4JXKRG5.0.8Notes C API OLE2 functions are now available on all platforms.
WASH4JYK7R5.0.7Fixed a problem where "corrupt note" was falsely reported.
WAT4ANHFU5.0.7Provided an enhancement to the NotesViewEntryCollection class, so it will work for collections greater than 16128 entries.
WAT4KKHUR5.0.4Fix potential denial of service attack in SMTP.
WAWD46SLFL5.0.1Improve the speed of GIF image decoding.
WAWD48MRNE5.0.2Fixed a memory leak in the web retriever.
WAWD494NSZ5.0.1Improve the performance in opening non-multilingual databases by bypassing actions only needed in the multilingual case.
WAWD49BQPT5.0.2When the Agent Manager was loaded and running, JVM (Java Virtual Machine) was also loaded. This has been changed; JVM now remains non-loaded until...
WAWD49K6NX5.0.2Fix to prevent crash when processing an HTML page, using the Notes Browser, that contains more than one control that needs downloading and one of the...
WAY49UFYN5.0.2Fixed issue with view applet ignoring definition of icon path url.
WBEK55M85Z5.0.11This fix prevents a router crash when a mail message has many summary fields. An error will now be returned and the message will not be...
WBEK5PBJQ66.0.3Collect will no longer crash during the parsing of statistics.
WBES4BPJ4L5.0.2aExtra header lines being added to log when running 5.0 HTTP test suite
WBES4HWSQA5.0.3@Module did not return the correct remainder of a division operation
WBJT8ZTC5E9.0Fixed a problem that limited onSelect() JavaScript to 256 characters.
WBJT9KD46D10.0Fixed a Domino server hang caused by an infinite loop in NSFFormulaAnalyzeByAddress function, resulting in a long held lock error.
WBJT9X63VT9.0.1 FP5Chinese characters display incorrectly when an event is created via the Calendar service Restful API
WBJT9YVM489.0.1 FP6Fixes MIME messages with character encoding CP936 (Simplified Chinese) displaying as garbage on the Notes Client.
WBJTAJVB629.0.1 FP9Fixed an issue where the mail rule did not work because the "Default display name" was set to Alternative names.
WBJZ9558XA8.5.3 FP4Fixed Keyview buffer overflow.


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