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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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VADM59A5ZW8.5.1When you delete a person, their reservations still remain, and the room cannot be booked. Reservation is now deleted and the room can be...
VADM5L7AMR6.5.5Changing a database's title by means of its NotesDatabase.Title property would overwrite the database's replication setting. This problem has been...
VADM5Y9VGM6.5.5Adding Invitees to an existing meeting caused a crash when the Invitee field was null (" ").
VADM6BTUDC6.5.5DXL Importer will now set the correct height for actionbarstyle.
VAJI7RJ7VV8.5 FP1,8.5.1 FP1Embedded Sametime with SPNEGO crashes/hangs on reconnection to network.
VASR7YAM488.5.2,8.5.1 FP3When creating a replica of names.nsf on a server, the 'Synchronize Contacts' entry would be found and the replica not created because it is assumed...
VASR7Z2MDV8.5.2With this fix, the date can be printed when Printing "Selected Frame Only" from the Filtered Calendar View in Rooms and Resources DB. This regression...
VASR829Q7T8.5.2Prior to this fix, when a user specifies "ADDLOCAL" in the command line for a silent install, the Notes installer only installed the feature...
VASR83UKCW8.5.2Prior to this fix, the SametimeUI silently removed Symphony and added Composite Application Editor. Use of ADDFEATURES/REMOVFEATURES properties...
VASR84CPGE8.5.2Fixed a problem where "Reply to All" would add the recipient to the CC field when the recipient's address is an Internet Address containing both...
VASR85JHSA8.5.3Fixed an issue where contact export failed to include email addresses of contacts which were created in Notes 7 and the user has upgraded from Notes...
VASR876SSW8.5.3,8.5.2 FP2Syntax validation was added to Recent Contacts. The following are considered invalid: (1) Any address ending in period, backslash, forwardslash, @,...
VASR88XQYU8.5.3Fixed an issue where HTML data had a title element with the size over 64K, which was unusual and caused the message to look like spam. This fix made...
VASR8XEJMQ12/08/2012,9.0Fixes a mail selection problem which occurred when using Shift+Down arrow to select more than a single page of messages.
VAZ4FVHUX5.0.5Fixed a problem so that the router no longer sends SMTP messages with empty BCC headers. The previous behavior was compliant with RFC821 but could...
VBEY4FEMU35.0.3HTTP failed to display Korean database view due to a translation problem
VBEY4JQRBH5.0.5Corrected problem occurring when using the '-B' flag with the Compact function. With this fix, the reduction in file size is now immediately reported...
VCAL5REKYZ5.0.13Provided a fix to work-around a Windows limitation when uploading large attachments to Domino NSF through IIS.
VCAL6DDSMF6.5.5,6.5.4 FP2This fix checks for a valid return when adding computed url to an outline.
VCAL6DMQFT7.0.1Added Clock debug for HTTP thread logs.
VCAL6HRQJH6.5.6,7.0.2Fixed a LDAP Full Text search query issue with internet address containing periods and/or underscores not returning the proper...
VCAL6MENEW6.5.6,7.0.2Domino Web Access polling prevented SSO idle timeout from happening. This submission provides a method to determine if a request is a...
VCFK66E3RA6.0.5When user sets Scheduler control to run RTL instead of LTR and sets a GridStartTime (and possibly interval), the Scheduler was not positioned on the...
VCIA6V75A67.0.3The Macintosh platform's MyLoadString() may return a mistaken string,
if CFCopyLocalizedStringFromTable() found no value corresponding and the given...
VCIA6W34HZ7.0.3Fixed an API problem where the SetUserFocusWindow process is not in the foreground. The problem will result in that Notes loses keyboard input...
VCIA74QT7J8.0.1Fixed a problem where an open bookmark could not find a server roaming a user in a new system.
VCOX477JS85.0.1Prevent the ISpy task from sending mail probes every second, flooding the console, and eventually causing ISpy to quit.
VDES58DBRX5.0.11This fix prevents an IMAP crash which occurred when trying to build the body structure of a deeply nested message.
VDES5B9JAA5.0.13Fixed a crash when a hotspot ending is encountered without having a corresponding hotspot begining.
VDES5R2HVE6.0.4Fixed a crash in ECL update when using Policy.


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