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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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UBOR7PCEFL8.5.1The option "Keep on the fly dictionary changes until next language tag change." on the spell check dialog box is not honored for the changed...
UBOR7WVF628.5.2Fixed a problem where the "Used-space" column was missing. This column allows you to see used space in a database. This regression was introduced...
UBOR7YBBPC8.5.2Status bar help text was corrected for the 'Instant messaging server' field on the Desktop Settings document.
UBOR7ZMBZR8.5.2Adding another Notes user's calendar to your calendar does not give a warning message if you do not have access to the other person's calendar or...
UBOR8F3BUX9.0Fixed an issue where drag & drop a message to the Follow Up view failed when user is member of group in the ACL
UCLN5E5CM35.0.12This fix allows users to send and read Phone Messages via Webmail.
UCLN5E5CM36.0.2,5.0.12This fix allows users to send and read Phone Messages via Webmail.
UCLN5PQN3A6.0.4An "Invalid time range" error does not return the user to the invalid time range. After clicking "OK" on the error message, the user is not returned...
UCLN5PWCTH6.0.5Fixed a client crash which occurred when large amounts of busy-time data were involved.
UKUR6T7H8S7.0.4,8.0.1Fixed MIME to CD converter to behave as R6 when handling file attachments, allowing LotusScript to access all attachments.
UKUR6XD4HD7.0.3Fixed a Notes Client crash opening a document with a malformed table.
UKUR7VW9768.5.2,8.5.1 FP5Prior to this fix, focus was lost in an embedded view after opening an embedded doc and then pressing ESC.
UMAKBK8GU811.0.1 FP3,12.0Server - Fixed an issue where auto populated groups weren't correctly handling accented characters in usernames.
UMAKBMRKEX12.0Server - Adminp - During renames with special characters the adminp request would stop processing after the Rename Person in Domino Directory...
UMAKBSEETP12.0.1Server - Fixed an issue where Domino Single Sign authentication was not working due to " HTTPPassword" field missing from users' person...
UMAKBSEF2412.0.1Server - Linux - Increased signal handler memory to help avoid potential deadlocks.
UMAKBXQK9V12.0.2Templates - mail12.ntf - Fixed "(Recently Archived)" view to use ModifiedInThisFile instead of Accessed to improve performance.
UMAKC5TGJE12.0.1,11.0.1 FP4Server - Database - Fixed an issue where under some rare error conditions, some parent documents in large CRM databases were being removed from the...
UMAKC9QFFQ12.0.2 FP3,14.0Client - Editor - Fixed an issue where error "Field is too large (32K) ..." is shown on Client (and "Item value exceeds maximum allowable size" is...
UMAKCBYFPS12.0.2,12.0.1 FP1Server - IMAP - Fixed an issue where the server would crash after the IMAP task was loaded when SSL was enabled. This regression was introduced in...
UMAKCDDKWE12.0.2iNotes - iwardir.ntf - Improved help text for how to add a custom logo to the login form.
UMAKCE4E4L11.0.1 FP6,12.0.2Server - FT indexing - Fixed an issue where when whitelist was enabled for full text indexing, the ignore list was disregarded even when an...
UMAKCGNQLV14.0Server - Directory Services - DirSync - Fixed an issue where some fields to sync to Domino were mismatched in Directory Sync Configuration...
UMAKCP9B8J12.0.2 FP2,14.0Programmability - XPages - Fixed an issue where clicking on "Setup Multi Factor Authentication" resulted in an HTTP 500 error.
UMAKCR8B8V14.0Admin Client - Fixed an issue in the Admin client’s Configuration tab, under Security->Issued Certificate Lists, where multiple sets of views were...
USV4R4DKU5.0.7Fixed a potential denial of service attack.
USV5GSEQP6.0.3Fix for Mail Addressing issues where lack of display name was erroneously reported as no valid mail address. This fix will now enable users to...
UTOO6ZK7C57.0.3Fixed an http crash when a calendar view was accessed via the web.
UTOO73VCBG8.0.1This fix prevents $NoPurge from being present on received messages sent with a Follow-Up set.
UTOO74A9P98.0.1Fixed a crash that can result when a row in a view has just under 65,535 bytes of summary data to display.


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