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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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TACN4PMNST5.0.5Unexpected TCP/IP error func: 000Bh error Notes: 1C5B, NTI: 1000h,Stack: 00000D78h on OS/400 V4R5
TACN4QHPZR5.0.6a.01,,5.0.7Fixed a problem where the message "Insufficient memory for attempted security operation" was displayed on the Domino console which sometime would...
TACN4QHPZR5.0.5.01Insufficient memory for attempted security operation
TACN4QHPZR5.0.7Fixed a problem where the error "Insufficient memory for attempted security operation" is displayed on the Domino console.
TACN5QBPYX6.0.3Fixed a server crash which occurred when sending a mail message. The problem was recreated only when TrendMicro was enabled.
TACN5QKJBA6.0.4Fixed a potential server hang when a thread does not properly unlock the NSF Buffer Pool semaphore
on an error path.
TACN5YEKRE6.0.5Fixed potential iSeries Domino console corruption which would prevent the console from being displayed via the WRKDOMCSL or DSPDOMCSL commands....
TACN6AJJYQ6.5.5When an iSeries NSD is produced, unlike the other platforms, only the call stack of the failing thread was provided. No call stacks of the other jobs...
TACN6ARRAF6.5.5SendMessage leads to CEE3201 exception recursion message in the server joblog. This usually only occurs if additional debug Notes.ini variables have...
TACN6CWGRE7.0.1This fix makes sure the structure has room for a NULL terminator.
TACN6D6HPM7.0.1,6.5.5Fixed an Insufficient memory problem when old shared memory segments were not cleaned up.
TACN6H3J7J7.0.1Internal OS400 nsd changes.
TACN74JHVQ7.0.3Fixed a server/compact/fixup/updall crash with corrupted NSF on i5/OS..
TACN766LGN7.0.3 FP1With this fix, NSD can be generated on i5/OS from RUNDOMCMD.
TACN7C7JX68.0.2Fixed an error on network PctUtilBandwidth statistics on i5/OS V6R1. On i5/OS V6R1, show stat platform may be greater than 100% value for...
TACN7HBGT88.0.3Fixed a problem where the current working directory was getting changed to the executable path for the Server job.
TACN7HBGT88.0.2 FP2,8.5.1Fixed a problem where the current working directory was getting changed to the executable path for the Server job.
TACN7UTNDN8.5.2CHGDOMSVR SBS(<new-value>) may fail due to a problem with null termination.
TACN7WRPKR8.5.2BRMS online save limit of 20,800 nsf/ntf/box files is raised to 2.6 million objects.
TACN7YTKAE8.5.2DAOS subdirectories will now be able to be omitted on a *FULL save when using the SAVDOMBRM command.
TACN7YTKAE8.5.1 FP2DAOS subdirectories will now be able to be omitted on a *FULL save when using the SAVDOMBRM command.
TACN85BKJH8.5.2,8.5.1 FP5Provide BRMS awareness of transaction logging directory location so it can be omitted when saving the rest of IBM i integrated file system...
TACN87YPXP8.5.1 FP5Fixed a problem on IBM i 7.1, where the list of ptfs installed for this Domino release was not reported correctly in the NSD.
TACN8F7R9C8.5.3,8.5.2 FP3Enhance IBM i NSD processing to dump call stacks of jobs running under Domino server, but not found in the pid.nbf.
TACN8FWLQF9.0Fix to avoid having to press the Enter key during backup of LNKOMTONL from interactive sdcreen with certain leak notes.ini variables...
TAIA7CFE8U8.5.2Fixed problem where the details of an email group does not display the alternate names of the members.
TAIA7EKEEX8.0.2 FP1Fixed a hang when the preview pane was changed to a very small size. This regression was introduced in 8.0.1.
TAIA7F96ZW8.5.1,7.0.4Prior to this fix, IMAP mail users could not create folders using DBCS characters on Solaris. This was a regression introduced in...
TAIA7K75H88.5.1Fixed problem scenario with sending a message with a large HTML body and with send message format set to "Both plain text and html"...
TAIA7NPHTD8.5.1Fixed a problem scenario where an attachment that is manually deleted in a reply/forward message still exists when the sent message is opened by the...


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