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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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SACR7WC3358.5.1 FP1,8.0.2 FP5Fixed an intermittent problem where the City and Timezone were missing when retrieving location information from ST Advanced.
SACR7WC78G8.5.1 FP1,8.0.2 FP5New Geographic location populates name with City field from last location.
SACR7WD5DT8.5.1 FP1,8.0.2 FP5Prior to this fix, an old location was displayed in the location bar when launching the client in a new location.
SACR7WD5MS8.5.1 FP1,8.0.2 FP5An API call to an Advanced server for user location info displays less information than what is in the clients preferences.
SACR7WD68E8.5.1 FP1,8.0.2 FP5Logging in and out multiple times causes a Location doc previously deleted to be seen by the client.
SACR7WD6J38.5.1 FP1,8.0.2 FP5Fixed a problem where the location plugin would not load.
SACR7WD6SM8.5.1 FP1,8.0.2 FP5Leaving the client and coming back to it over time may create a duplicate of the location you are at.
SAHE9QKEST9.0.1 FP4Fixes issue where the DOLS plugin keeps prompting for install when using FireFox browser version 28 and later.
SAHEACYAS29.0.1 FP8Fix an issue where there are multiple meeting headers when a meeting invitation is sent to Gmail. Note: this change is enabled by default. Use the...
SAHNBFUENY10.0.1 FP7,12.0,11.0.1 FP3Client - Live Text - Fixed an issue where the Live Text recognition drop-down menu was missing.
SAHNBKVANN11.0.1 FP1Notes - Notes Single Logon - fixed an issue where Notes Single Logon feature (SLO) was not working. This regression was introduced in...
SAHNBLNGEB11.0.1Fixed an error message with a strange character show when the Notes client hung. This regression was introduced in 11.0.
SAHNBNW9SS12.0,11.0.1 FP2Client - Mac - Fixed an issue where composite application showed a blank screen when opened in Notes client in Mac OS.
SAHNBR5ALT12.0Client - Mac - Fixed intermittent failures where trying to open a new mail would result in user geting the "Application Terminated"...
SAHNBRCDSU11.0.1 FP4,12.0,10.0.1 FP7Client - Performance - Fixed an issue where dragging/dropping a Notes mail onto a folder in a Windows file share would result in a large temp file...
SAHNBSTFRR11.0.1 FP4,12.0Client - Mail - Fixed an issue a particular mail messages that contained multiple attachments was only showing the first attachment when shown full...
SAHNBTYAPB10.0.1 FP7Client - Fixed an issue where, in Rooms & Resources database, a crash would occur when switching to the calendar view. This regression was...
SAHNBVNBKU11.0.1 FP5,12.0.1Client - Mail - Fixed an issue where outlines in emails received from external clients were not displayed correctly. This regression was introduced...
SAHNBWEKHD12.0.1Client - Mail - Fixed an issue where the font would change when reopening a saved draft mail message, changing the draft, re-saving as draft then...
SAHNBZLDVQ11.0.1 FP4,12.0.1Client - Document Links - Fixed a problem on Mac Big Sur where Notes client would freeze until hit Escape when trying to use left click or double...
SAHNC5KE9D12.0.1Client - Mac Big Sur - Fixed an issue on Mac Big Sur where there was no initial focus in the 'To' & 'Mail body' under Mac OS Big Sur...
SAHNC6D7L612.0.2,11.0.1 FP4Client - Calendar - Fixed an issue with day numbers showing incorrectly in One Week view when Dansk is set as the primary language and as the...
SAHNC6DE9Q12.0.1Client - Notes Shared Login - Fixed an issue with AUT upgrade of client where Notes Shared Login will fail with [Error message: Notes Shared Login...
SAHNC88J7512.0.2Client - Basic - Fixed an issue with the basic Notes client where trying to drag and drop a child folder under the root Folders folder would give an...
SAHNC8LEQQ12.0.1Client - Calendaring and Scheduling - Fixed an issue where user using the R11 theme was unable to change or delete a room or resource in a calendar...
SAHNC9RBMJ12.0.2Client - MarvelClient - Fixed an issue where Notes client would consume 100% of CPU under certain circumstances due to an issue in...
SAHNCAJCL512.0.2Client - Mail - Fixed an issue where under some circumstances, certain emails would have the content of the email saved as an attachment. This...
SAHNCAUBHJ12.0.2Client - Calendar - Fixed an issue with Domino Online Meeting Integration with Webex where users who have the same Webex username as their Notes mail...
SAIA9A5CWM9.0.1If the user enabled Pop-up blocker on Win 8 + IE 10 and then launches Notes Browser Plugin (NBP), then the user won't be presented with the alert...
SAIA9TLG3X9.0.1 FP4Support for opening mail messages in Notes Browser Plug-in


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