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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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RADE4ECNDD5.0.3Fix http task memory leak and potential denial or service.
RADE4ELRJY5.0.7Fixed a problem where the transaction logger would display the error "Cannot write to log file: Recovery Manager: Log File is Full, try again later"...
RADE4FJQHP5.0.4Improved stability of HTTP server on Linux.
RADE4KNRAM6.0.1,5.0.12This fix prevents an HTTP server crash when a corrupted document is opened in a browser.
RADE4KNRAM6.0.1This fix prevents an HTTP server crash when a special document is opened in a browser.
RADE4KNRAM5.0.12This fix prevents an HTTP server crash when a corrupted document is opened in a browser.
RADS49BJNB5.0.4Fixed a problem causing background replication to fail if the replication history had been cleared by a C API call to...
RADS7B3JPE8.0.2Fixed a problem where bullet characters were missing from the plain text version of an imported rich text field.
RADS7DDLYV8.0.2Indented (Shift-Enter) paragraph within a list exported as list member. This problem has been fixed.
RAGG6DVRQH7.0.1This fix deletes alarm data which is stored locally when a user selects to clear the history with the more secure option during...
RAGG6EAJ397.0.1Prior to this fix, a body field is not displayed when a message was sent from a Portal user. A "body stored subform" field existed but not a "body"...
RAGG6HGQ977.0.2Fixed scroll bars in mail folder, name picker, etc. to work on Mac OS X.
RAGG6HGQJM7.0.2Fixed a problem where the scroll bar remained after selecting time from drop down menu.
RAGG6JP5HE7.0.2,6.5.6This fix set the correct redirect URL when DWALoginForm was used and set the correct port number when SSL was off in redirection.
RAGG6KPS5V7.0.2Drop down menus in Firefox no longer have a dotted line around them.
RAGG6KPS8Z7.0.2Fixed a browser hang which occurred after creating a new Mail, Todo or Notebook entry.
RAGG6KPSG77.0.2Switching the type of calendar entry caused a DWA warning in Firefox 1.5.
RAGG6KPSNX7.0.2Closing a Calendar, Mail, Todo or Notepad entry caused a DWA warning in Firefox 1.5.
RAGG6L4S287.0.2After clicking on a new calendar entry, the Preferences page was displayed. A workaround to this problem is to change a setting and then hit "save"...
RAGG6LCLT56.5.6,7.0.3With this change, DWA only checks timezone preference (vs. operating system timezone) once per browser session
RAGG6LSKXA6.5.6,7.0.2Fixed a Domino Web Access warning on the calendar view when IE7 beta2 is in use.
RAGG6LSL9R7.0.3Fixed an intermittent crash when using Sametime.
RAGG6NZQ4W7.0.2Fixed a problem where the Sametime icon was a green square for a mobile user instead of a new icon.
RAGG6P2GR37.0.3When auto-away, the Sametime status was showing offline.
RAGG6P8QV47.0.2After receiving a signed and encrypted message from a Microsoft Outlook 2003 user, the body does not open in Domino Web Access.
RAGG6PG4Z57.0.2Forward menu will be hidden on edit scene.
RAGG6S4NXE7.0.3Fixed an issue on Firefox that the caret was not shown in the mail editor even if the user clicked in the editor.
RAGG6SQL7D7.0.3Fixed a problem where mail was not being displayed in some cases.
RAGG6SRQM37.0.2iNotes warning appeared as "Illegal Arguments Exception." when sending invitation. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
RAGG6TDNLP7.0.3Prior to this fix, an error message was not displayed when going over the database quota.


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