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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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QBJL7XU5N98.5.2Fix the memory leak which occurred each time the context menu was launched on the typeahead drop list
QBJL8BG5YL8.5.3Display "No results or too many results" when there are too many contacts results in typeahead drop list
QBJL8MUAE39.0Fixed some issues related to Typeahead, which were found by the static code analysis tool
QBJL8P98LF9.0Fixed issues related to the Typeahead plugin which were found by the static code analysis tool
QBJZ7TZDLK8.5.1 FP4Fixed a problem where users were unable to cancel a file transfer while in sender side file transfer.
QCQC9DN9NV9.0.1 FP1This fix allows features and plugins signed with SHA-2 algorithm to be installed in Notes.
QCQC9DN9ZA9.0.1 FP1Fixes issue where when a user's Connections password expires, no dialog is displayed to allow the user to enter new credentials. The resulting...
QDAI7GV9N48.5.1 Fixed Lite mode problem where the Preferences Help action is not working
QDAI7NGD7K8.5.1Fixed error that occurs in certain scenarios when a chair reschedules a meeting with update
QDMG6MJ4MZ6.5.6Copyright is updated to the current year.
QDQD7646DJ7.0.3The admin client will no longer crash when reading in large amounts of activity trends data.
QFHO849E348.5.1 FP3Symphony addon could not be installed into the NotesClient if the upgrade code was set as TargetUpgradeCode2.
QFHO84GJ478.5.1 FP5,8.5.2 FP1Installing 851, 851 FP4, Symphony 3.0 Add-on causes Notes not to launch. The issue is that Sym 3.0 includes base features. Some of these base...
QFHO84S4UV8.5.1 FP4Added a popup dialog noting an install error if an addon attempts to be installed without the target product first being present. Previously, the...
QFHO84S4ZL8.5.1 FP3After uninstalling the Symphony addon via the uninstaller, the uninstallation was blocked by unsatisfied space.
QFHO85C5AX8.5.1 FP4Double byte characters are now supported in the install source directory.
QFHO89B9A88.5.2 FP1Fixed a problem after installing Symphony 1.3 and the ODFPatch where Symphony will keep re-launching.
QFHO89L52E8.5.2 FP1Provisioning "cleanup" action failed when upgrading Symphony on Windows and Mac.
QFHO8A59ZL8.5.2 FP1Prior to this fix, the rcplauncher failed to launch if there were quotes in the path variable on windows.
QJGG98UBPZ9.0.1Fixed a crash when dragging a .png file as an attachment that has non English file name
QJSU7PKAV58.5.1 FP4,8.0.2 FP6Fixed an intermittent Server Crash attempting to use an invalid semaphore.
QJSU7W464Y8.5.2,8.5.1 FP1Fixed a Notes client crash when using 8.5FP1. This fix was included in SPR# BHUY7VYJK7.
QJSU7W4ASX8.5.2 Fixed a problem where the wrong mail message would sometimes be moved to user-created folder, when multiple messages were selected.
QJZG744H8V8.0.1Fixed a Notes crash after dragging and dropping a document into a bookmark.
QJZG75GCPE8.0.1Fixed a problem where a forbidden icon was displayed after dragging a file into the body of a mail message when using Vista.
QJZG76K9C38.0.1Reset the alignment of the Play button in mail preferences to look more aligned with the static text.
QJZG76XA9S8.0.1Fixed an unreadable character at the end of a word in the Japanese build.
QJZG772BX78.0.1Fixed a truncation problem in the Notes client configuration.
QJZG77T4Y68.0.1D&D a memo(attachment) into "Open" list, it displays asynchronous between Notes standard and basic. This problem has been fixed.
QJZG78H8EV8.0.1Using type-ahead searching for a contact, if a contact name was composed by DBCS, and error would occur.


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