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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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PACY82AJH78.5.1 FP2Prior to this fix, the Notes.ini file was reverted to the old version when removing an 8.5.1 Hot Fix or Fix Pack. To remove a Hot Fix or Fix Pack,...
PACY8M6HN68.5.3 FP2,9.0Fixed an issue where if the Synchronize Contacts feature is in use in Notes 8.x, a user who uses a Location document to switch to another mail file...
PACY8SMCRE8.5.3 FP2,9.0Fixed an issue where the header fields (From, To, CC, BCC) are displayed vertically when the screen resolution is set to 2560x1440
PACY8UMALS9.0Resolves problem introduced by disabling and then enabling a mail rule using Notes which was originially created in iNotes.
PACY8V3GV49.0Prior to this fix, Archive policy using a view/folder selection set to Threads
would not archive document in this view. Template changes were...
PACY9CGLQ39.0.1 FP6If the Client ID files has a newer name and the ID vault has the older name, after a sync, the Client ID file is reverted to use the older name and...
PALN5B8LTH6.0.1Fixed a problem where comments were lost after accepting a counter proposal.
PALN5BBJ9L6.0.1Fixed a problem where names were not listed in the address book directory.
PALN5BBNEK6.0.4Added "Fw" to the subject line when forwarding a message.
PALN5BFGJV6.0.1Attempting to approve a room reservation generated via a reschedule, where time/date on the original meeting overlapped with time/date on the...
PALN5BXKNJ6.0.1Fixed a problem where a delegation set in Notes was not retained in iNotes.
PALN5BXQU26.0.1Fixed a problem where delegate rights that were removed in iNotes, were not removed in the Notes client.
PALN5C5PBT6.0.1Fixed a problem where tabbing through an entry screen would not indicate if you were positioned on a button.
PALN5C6HMT6.0.4Fixed a warning message which appeared after selecting too many entries in a view.
PALN5C7NXG6.0.3The "All Documents" view displayed no entries if the last few were deleted. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.3/6.5.
PALN5CJN4G5.0.12New email from contact list, only enters the last name. This problem has been fixed in 5.0.12.
PALN5CKGQW6.0.3A "To Do" entry with the priority of 'none' displays an empty icon in the iNotes list. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.3/6.5.
PALN5CKPYY6.0.1Fixed a problem where sorting on the title in the notebook does not perform a sort.
PALN5CXKV36.0.1All day events and reminders aren't blocked by the "don't show todos in calendar view" preference on the "other" preference tab. This problem has...
PALN5D8KC86.0.1Fixed a problem where events and anniversaries from iNotes did not display in the Notes calendar. This regression was introduced in...
PALN5D9PQN6.0.1This fix allows a resource to be added to an existing meeting.
PALN5D9R7B6.0.1Fixed a problem where the welcome screen email and scroll bar disappear, after scrolling to the end.
PALN5DMP2A6.0.1,5.0.12Allow Administrator to enter disclaimer text via Server Config document.
PALN5DMP2A6.0.1Allow Administrator to enter disclaimer text via Server Config document.
PALN5DNH6T6.0.1The confirmation dialog box that is displayed after creating a self signed SSL certificate has words that overlap each other. This problem has been...
PALN5DQRGV6.0.3Opening the group calendar in child mode, from the "All Documents" view, opens the wrong window. This problem has been fixed in...
PALN5DUGHW6.0.1Updated the Notes version number on the redirect page, when using an unsupported browser.
PALN5DURTU6.0.1Fixed a problem where users could not forward an image or doclink after enabling a web crawler to search the website.
PALN5DVRQS6.0.3An iNotes6 invitee does not receive a reschedule from an iNotes5 chair accepting a counter proposal. This problem has been fixed in...
PALN5DWRLH6.0.1Users will no longer receive errors when choosing to decline with comments on a reschedule.


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