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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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OABA59HAUH5.0.11Fixed a memory leak which could possibly crash the IMAP server.
OABA5NTA4Z6.0.3This fix prevents a router crash during MIME - CD conversion.
OABA5YELSU6.0.5Prevent a possible infinite loop and subsequent http hang while converting some documents from Notes format to HTML
OABA62EE796.0.5,6.5.4Fixed a client crash which occurred due to a corrupt attachment.
OABA632HXV6.0.5Fixed a problem in V6.5 and V7.0 which caused index creation/updating to crash because of unusual,
(i.e. unexpected) sequencing of the $Body...
OABA6AYD3L6.5.5Fixed a buffer overrun that caused a router crash or hang.
OABA6DZBM87.0.2Fixed an Update task crash which occurred during Full-text Update by a corrupted message.
OABA6GHCX88.0.1,7.0.4Using Adjtime() command on Solaris causes CPU to spin on HTTP task.
OABA6M8DQA6.5.6This problem was caused by a specific note in the mailfile that had the same Parent Note ID as it's own Note ID. Additional logic was added to the...
OABA78KC2Z8.0.2When changing the console.log size dynamically using CONSOLE_LOG_MAX_KBYTES parameter, the server does not take into account the case when this size...
OABA8CLCU88.5.3,8.5.2 FP4Fixed a Domino server reliability problem with saving a MIME message with iNotes.
OABA8ZKCNP9.0.1When Java Agents bring up a dialog, the Notes client can appear hung until the dialog is dismissed. This is fixed in 9.0.1.
OABAB6VL6511.0,10.0.1 FP2Fixed a potential rare CD to Mime conversion crash in RenderNoteEnum when routing a message over SMTP.
OAGU6UEKAX7.0.3Removed unsupportable field from Name Move Complete Dialog.
Exclamation Point IconOAGU7CQJ768.5.1,8.0.2 FP4 $KeepPrivate set does not allow users to print. The fix is if $KeepPrivate is present with a value of "0", then the user may print the document. ...
OAGU7HEBPB8.5.1Resolved an issue where DXL export fails when a Notes bitmap that contains a transparency table is being converted to GIF.
OAGU7KTSLM8.5.1Replicated fields cannot be stored when the selective fields too long. The summary item is not allowed to store data larger than 32k....
OAGU7L6MR98.5.1DB2NIF views with duplicate columns rebuilt each time opened
OAGU7L6QA78.5.1Using "Show Single Category" Option Results in NIF Error If Database Is DB2 Enabled.
OAGU7L6QQZ8.5.1 View issue with DB2 enabled database.
OAGU7P8JW98.5.1Fixed a 2 digit year display when using the now() function on Unix so that it properly displays a 4 digit year.
OAGU7P8JW98.5.2Fixed a 2 digit year display when using the now() function on Unix so that it properly displays a 4 digit year.
OAGU7RE3GW8.5.1It was possible to receive a Null Object Handle Error With the Notes formTerminate Event. This is now fixed.
OAGU84CPRU8.5.1 FP4Fixed a problem with controlled access sections.
OAGU84CPRU8.5.2,8.5.1 FP4Fixed a problem with controlled access sections.
OAGU85CKP68.5.2Fixed a hang when trying to load a document containing a corrupted table. Notes will now detect this and continue loading.
OAGU8SDPEL8.5.3 FP3,9.0Fixes issue where incorrect dialog keyword list items are selected when there are null strings in the list of choices. This was a regression...
OBEN5CRNMF5.0.12Fixed an error during install on Linux if the device name is long.
OBEN5PPMCL6.0.4Reservations created in Resource Reservation database in R4 do not show in 'By Date' view after migration to R6. This problem has been fixed in...
OBEN5SSFJ66.0.4Fixed an Agent Manager crash caused by a MIME conversion error, as a result of a database having a disk quota.


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