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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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NAHD5ZTJQN6.0.5Calendar entries are not shown in the print preview when viewing calendar from the Web on OS/390
. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.5 and...
NAHD5ZZL3W6.0.5Error "Unexpected Internal Print Error" displayed when printing the calendar. This regression was introduced in 6.5.1.
NAHD622TTX6.0.5The Image border on the Scheduler form was causing a performance problem when printing a participant invitee list. The border was changed to Solid...
NAHD64MM3W6.0.5The AutoProcessUserList field will now properly populate the mail-in database document in the NAB.
NASA4BSGQB5.0.3Fix a problem with an empty line in a MIME header being interpreted as the header's termination causing header information to appear in the body of...
NASA4DPDBZ5.0.3Fixed a problem with lines of text following a DBCS + SBCS combination to be hidden after conversion to Notes Rich Text Field. Ths problem only...
NASS9SHUPP9.0.1 FP8Fix a Server Crash
NBALBS8C6V11.0.1 FP3,12.0Admin - Fixed an issue where UTF8 characters were not supported when registering users via a text file. This will allow user names with...
NBALBTBKPC12.0Templates - Fixed an issue with the Discussion and Teamroom templates where load design would show "Warning: Cannot locate design...
NBALBTCK4V11.0.1 FP3,12.0Server - ID Vault - Added a notes.ini to suppress key roll over logging that occurs during vault sync. Set IDV_SUPPRESS_ROLLOVER_LOG=1 in notes.ini...
NBALBU4KH510.0.1 FP7,12.0,11.0.1 FP3Server - Fixed an issue where doing a full text search using a web app showed "0 documents found" instead of expected error of "The database is not...
NBALBW3HKL12.0Server - SMTP - Fixed an issue with high CPU usage of SMTP task.
NBALC6EHNH12.0.2Server - AIX - Fixed an issue on AIX where server would get into a hang state. Server console would begin to be slow to respond and long held lock...
NBALCBQJHK12.0.2,12.0.1 FP1Server - Backup - IBMi - Fixed an issue where IBMi servers cannot be backed up using BRMS software (Backup, Recovery and Multimedia Services for...
NBALCHEKL812.0.2Server - Backup - Fixed an issue where Domino Backup would crash with > 200-250 backup logs. Work around was to delete the dominobackup.nsf DB and...
NBAR3GSQTB5.0.1Fix a problem which caused applications to send mail when a document was loaded rather than when the user clicked on a hot spot where @MailSend was...
NBAR3W9JEG5.0.6NSFSearch will no longer return data (as well as non-data notes), from remote databases when the NOTE_CLASS_ALLNONDATA flag had been...
NBAR4BSJUE5.0.3Expose the correct BUTTON_xxx flags in the SDK.
NBAR4EDHRQ5.0.4New mail could incorrect arrive already marked read. This problem has been resolved.
NBAR4GAQX65.0.3Domino now protects the number format from locale changes so that numbers (such as the decimal character) are the same the world...
NBFOBAH73Y11.0,10.0.1 FP2Fix an issue that could cause an extra CRLF to be appended to text file attachments sent via SMTP.
NBFOBGH67T11.0.1,10.0.1 FP4Fixed a Notes client crash when opening a MIME email due to leading white spaces in an image URL in the MIME email body.
NBJC73Q5RH8.0.1Updated the alternate notification text to match what is in Notes 8.0.
NBJC73VETQ8.0.1After copying into a new messge, the address fields were incorrect.
NBJC74D6JF8.0.1Fixed a Domino Web Access warning when going offline from a newly created group calendar.
NBJC74S4628.0.1This fix stops cursor flickering when moving over an action menu, just after performing offline synchronization.
NBJC758DVK8.0.1,7.0.4Fixed a DWA Warning when spell checking text containing many spelling errors.
NBJC75GH4U8.0.1Prior to this fix, the font size inside a table was smaller than outside in Firefox.
NBJC75NF9B8.0.1Fixed a problem where the add/remove button was too narrow if the custom name format was enabled in Firefox.
NBJC772DFK8.0.1With this fix, a conflict message is not displayed when the chair reschedules an action.


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