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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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LAB45WBFZ5.0.3When accessing a secure web page which has multiple frames, Notes presents you with one login box for each frame, instead of one login box for the...
LABN4A9SDP5.0.1aFix a problem introduced in R5.0.1 which caused repeated requests from a Netscape browser for animated GIFS.
LABN4GTRFW5.0.7When a user attempts to forward a group calendar document, Notes will crash. Forwarding a document whose form contains an embedded scheduler control...
LABN4GXMUR5.0.3Fix a crash which occurred when dragging a bookmark into an open, empty bookmark folder.
LABN4JYKXY6.0.4A new option is included in the print dialog that allows a user to select "Description" when "Print calendar to a document" and "Calendar List" is...
LABN4KKSGS5.0.6Fixed a problem with computed names fields. If the field has a value of "Not Selected" then it is displayed as just "/". This regression was...
LABN4LZLMD5.0.6Fixed an Editor Applet memory leak, which can occur when applet is continually reloaded.
LABN4QATM65.0.7Prevent crashes when using @TextToTime() and the text value contains a negative date component. For example, the text value "1/15/-1" gets...
LAE4KTGTL5.0.9SPR# LAE4KTGTL- Users can have meetings automatically accepted when using Webmail. Prior to this fix, autoprocessing was not working when enabled...
LAE4LKJKL5.0.6Fixed problem where negative values were being displayed in message tracking reports. For example the Message bytes total.
LAE4LSJ2G5.0.6Fixed a problem where LDAP matches return poorly formed LNAB entries. These entries would be missing the domain or would include random characters...
LAK5TEJWX6.0.5Fixed a crash on the Notes Client when replicating via background and chatting using the integrated Sametime Client.
LAMY7NCV7E8.5.3 R8 Standard Client mail database using the R8 design template, if you go to File -> Application -> Properties and change the Database Title, the...
LAMY7TAUTW8.5.1We fixed DXL issues with font processing. DXL could export fonts incorrectly in some cases where non-default fonts were used on both the action bar...
LAMY7XJVX49.0.1 Resolved an error "Table cannot be wider than 22.75 inches (57.785cm)" when selecting "Copy Selected As Table" in view by providing an option...
LAMY7YK37H8.5.2Fixed a problem where CTRL + SHIFT would not cause hidden views to open in the navigator.
LAMY8262GF8.5.2Fix for use case where there are two rich text fields in a document that are rendered by an xpage upload control, if one deletes attachments from...
LAMY8C7TYM8.5.3Prior to 8.5.3 the client and server side javaScript editors did not always honor the settings to enable/disable content assist. With 8.5.3, the...
LAMY8C7V3H8.5.3Prior to 8.5.3 the client and server side JavaScript editors did not always honor the settings to enable/disable auto complete. In 8.5.3, the...
LAMY8WR83J9.0 Fixes runtime error when paging through documents. This issue is a side effect of a new property introduced in 8.5.2, 'xsp.ajax.renderwholetree'...
LAMY8X34989.0.1 FP10Fix inoperative "Maxdoc" parameter in Database.search method
LAMY94WNP69.0.1,8.5.3 FP6Fixed an issue in the Domino directory that could cause Domino to crash when registering, renaming or deleting new users using the Java...
LAS46WHJS5.0.6Fixed a handle leak which would occur when NotesInitIni and NotesTerm were executed.
LAS4DYKMX5.0.8Sorting a secondary categorized column disappears when selecting to sort the first column. This problem has been fixed in 5.0.8 and was a regression...
LAS4L9KHF5.0.5Fixed a problem where the R5 client will strip double quotes yielding a wrong internet email address. For example: "John/Smith" JSmith@xyz.com, the...
LBBJ7N5CWH8.0.2 FP2Backspace and Enter key does not work in DWA in embedded browser
LBIG6H3RYF7.0.2Unable to save Mailfile preferences through a browser or portlet. Prior to this fix, a name format error was displayed.
LBJC7DK5P48.0.2 FP1After dragging and dropping emails from a view onto an Archive entry in the java views navigator in Notes Standard, the java view did not get...
LBJC7HMAZW8.5.1Fixed layout and button label truncation issues with localized Full mode spell check dialog
Exclamation Point IconLBJC7LPDJG8.0.2 FP4Fixed a server crash in the CA process due to low memory conditions.


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