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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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KABY5ECJW76.0.1Fixed activity trends to stop processing data when it reaches midnight for the current day instead of including data from the current partial...
KAE4AFCFV5.0.3Fix problem where preview of a document is not refreshed after modifying the document.
KAGE46US9W5.0.2aServer crash while using WEBADMIN live console
KAGE46US9W5.0.1Fixed a crash that occured during use of the webadmin live console
KAGE46US9W5.0a,5.0.1,5.0.2aFixed a crash that occurred during use of webadmin live console
KAGE46XNFB5.0.1Fixed a problem in which an undocumented "Tell HTTP" command crashed the server
KAGE46ZNX55.0.1Fixed a problem in which, from webadmin, tell http restart crashes the server
KAGE46ZNX55.0.1Fixed a problem in which the Tell HTTP Restart command from webadmin crashed the server
KAGE4CSH6J5.0.2aMissing messages for LNT0549, LNT0540, LNT0542 during CFGDOMSVR
KAGE4JQJGX5.0.4Fixed an error where the server CPU went to and stayed at 100% utilization when IMAP server process encountered a message that does not conform to...
KAHY82WJLF9.0Fixes issue where the month calendar view does not vertical scroll vertically when using the scroll wheel on a mouse.
KAHY8CRN9G8.5.3Edit Reservation button will appear in the web interface of the Rooms and Resources database.
KAHY8LFKXW8.5.2When a meeting chair modifies the subject of an existing meeting with a Room reservation, the Rooms and Reservation system will receive an update and...
KARI5D769U6.0.2Fixed an issue when using Confirm with Comments; confirm receipt was not received by recipient.
KARI5DL6CM6.0.2SPR# KARI5DL6CM -Addresses an issue where the "Edit Welcome Page Layout" dialogue prompt does not selected the default Page Layout the first time...
KATH7564GH8.0.1Fixed a problem where the workspace tab disappeared after switching locations.
KBAR49RRGK5.0.2Removed obsolete design reference to "EstimatedRecords" in "Server.Planner:Analyst" template DSPV.NTF.
KBAR4Q7Q325.0.7 Fixed a problem during server setup that resulted in the following error message "Illegal Null Parameter to Security Function." after prompting for...
KBAR5DVJFP6.0.1Changed "Notes" or "Domino/Notes" strings to "Lotus Domino". Also fixed some usability issues with displaying Unix License Text. This regression...
KBAR5E22BF6.0.1The "Get System Databases from CD or other media" checkbox is now saved when selected in profiles. This regression was introduced in...
KBAR5FSMQY6.0.1Fix an intermitent failure of the web retriever to shutdown when the server is shutdown.
KBAR6TTRZV8.0.1Gutter selection column has hidden separator like other columns.
KBAR6ZHRHE7.0.3Prior to this fix, in the New Content form, 'Make Link' generated an error dialogue with no useful info.
KBAR6ZHRWV7.0.3Prior to this fix, in the New Content form, 'Make Link' generated an error dialogue with no useful info. The Notes core error message is no longer...
KBAR726LXR7.0.3 After adding a file to the Attachments tab, it appeared with the filename "Untitled" and the desciption field was empty. This problem has been...
KBAR727RVD7.0.3After selecting an image and clicking 'Open', the following HTML code was added to the richtext field: <img src="Untitled" alt="Untitled"/>. This...
KBAR72LTK27.0.3Error "Object Variable Not Set" was displayed after deleting the configuration doc. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.3.
KBAR72SQ4R8.0.1'Close All Open Windows Tabs' icon is available in Preferences to add to toolbar.
KBAR75FK258.0.1Prior to this fix, the subject field within a comment document would have different default values depending on where in the client you created the...
KBAR78RNYJ8.0.1Fixed a crash in 8.0 client and web site description error with long names.


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