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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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JABA9U9KWK9.0.1 FP9Fixed an issue where rescheduling a repeating meeting to Google users takes minutes
JACE58CAXS6.0.2Fixed an issue where .123 document import fails to keep DBCS font.
JACE58CBRT6.0.2Fixed an issue when using MSWord RTF; the Korean font was not importing properly to a Notes document.
JACE5E98546.0.3Fixed a problem that occasionally made it appear as if attachments had been dropped because of a malformed boundary string.
JACE6FX7PQ6.5.6,7.0.2When the web server is serving mime email messages, if there is no charset header information, it will look for the charset in the META...
JACE6GW8U86.5.6Added supported for a custom name format.
JACE6GXT6M6.5.6Fixed a problem in rendering HTML tables that caused tables with merged cells to have inconsistent Column sizes. This regression was introduced in...
JACE6LB9DB7.0.2,6.5.5 FP2,6.5.6Fixed a memory leak when resources for a form were in an external database.
JACE6MV3256.5.6Fixed a problem that DHTML editing control needs to be clicked to activate with Microsoft patch KB912945. See details here:...
JACE6NM8597.0.3Fixed web mail to display attachments of MIME type multipart/related.
JACE6QWK2R6.5.6Fixed a memory leak in SHRHDL BLK_TEXTLIST which may cause a crash. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.
JACE6SG8EX7.0.3Prior to this fix, NameLookup for a recipient was not working as expected for Korean alternate names. A workaround to this problem would be to copy...
JACE6W644R7.0.3Added support for Oracle character set KO16MSWIN949.
JACE6W94SU7.0.3Fixed a problem that failed to upload an attachment if reuse child windows is enabled. This problem occurs when a new document with attachment was...
JACE6WTJRN7.0.3Prior to this fix, users could not print when the document had a MIME body.
JACE6X9CPM7.0.3With this fix, a Contacts group that has a duplicate entry can now be expanded correctly.
JACE6XB95A7.0.3Fixed a problem where the Itemizer would generate an incorrect $File name for the MIME part.
JACE6Z4AKU7.0.3Fixed a problem where a MIME message opened too slowly.
JACE6ZYJ6Y7.0.3Fixed a SMIME crash when low on memory.
JACE77VNRM8.0.1Fixed a leak of 0x1567 BLK_MIMEDIR_POOL memory.
JACE85RCJZ8.5.2,8.5.1 FP5Fixed NIF Pool memory leaks that could result in a server crash.
JACE85RCJZ8.5.1 FP5Fixed NIF Pool memory leaks that could result in a server crash.
JACE8677AD8.5.3Fix problem that comma in the phrase part of the mail address causes corruption of recipient address with iNotes enabled for Korean name format...
JACE87LBR58.5.3Fixed iNotes client javascript error when forwarding multiple documents with attachments as internet style.
JACE87ZJ858.5.3Fix problem for iNotes running with Korean name format enabled where delegation preference dialog does not display name list.
JACE87ZKDN8.5.3Fixed problem when adding more than one user in the delegation preference dialog with iNotes enabled for Korean name formats.
JACE88399X8.5.3,8.5.2 FP4Fixed a problem that non-ASCII attachment name becomes garbled on iNotes when try to forward multiple documents with attachment.
JACE8868NN8.5.3 Fixed IMAP server crash when downloading corrupted document from MS outlook
JACE88HB3C8.5.3Fixed problem where an unexpected ambiguous name dialog appears with iNotes when selecting another user's mailfile to open when Korean name format...
JACE88U7MT8.5.3 Fixed a bug that Notes displays two documents for the certain design, form with embedded view in a form that is pointed by a...


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