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SPR Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


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IAWN76QSD58.0.2Fixed a possible crash when viewing column names that are greater than 256 characters. This regression was introduced in 7.0.2.
IAWN7CH2ED8.0.2Add gdb_readnever=0 to nsd.ini to collect extra info on stacks. Please note that this will cause the nsd to run slower.
IAWN7EULUN8.0.2Fixed a problem where NSD could not be installed after using a scripted install.
IBAACLXLT214.0,12.0.2 FP1Client - Embedded Sametime - Fixed an issue with the 64 bit Notes client where using embedded Sametime with SAML login does not work. This...
IBAN67XPJK6.5.5The Synchronize Contacts Agent now works correctly if names.nsf is specified in the Notes.ini. A workaround to this problem is to not specify an...
IBAN6AYURK6.5.5Broken links caused red X's in Domino Web Access 6.5.3 on certain HTML messages. This problem has been fixed in 6.5.5.
IBAN6MWRBA6.5.6,7.0.3Fix for IMAP not syncing unread marks to IMAP Online Proxy.
IBAN6MWSLK6.5.6,7.0.3Desktop will display a warning dialog when the replication background task returned an IMAP connection failed error message, "Unable to complete...
IBAN6NLR937.0.2PKCS#11 libraries were failing when they attempted to use the mutex callback functions provided by Notes/Domino to implement thread locking. Those...
IBEY7BLPMQ8.0.2Google Gadgets will now render correctly in a window on startup.
IBEY93QRL89.0Prior to the fix, LiveText annotation would cause some names in connections emails to split with a new line after LiveText annotation. This only...
ICAO4WETRU5.0.9Fixed a problem introduced in R5.0.8 where the wrong index follows sections when viewed through a web client.
ICAO5JQU9Z6.0.4Fixed a Notes client crash which occurs when a corrupted desktop is compacted.
ICAO5YQLFD6.0.5The "Mark Public" action button in the Document Library template was "Computer when composed", therefore, the @Readers field would always be...
ICAO64DJ726.5.5If a user recompiled all LotusScript in a template (.ntf), then refreshed the design in a database that inherited from that template, the agents in...
ICAO664LDV6.5.5The Block Sender List dialog box no longer displays unreadable fonts in MAC OS.
ICCN6AC67W6.5.5The server crashes when a LotusScript application attempts to garbage collect. View objects shared by multiple threads. The problem is intermittent,...
ICCN6E533M7.0.2Fixed problems parsing and replying to iCalendar if the internet address is the same the common name.
ICOR4DXL745.0.3Add cross certificate of Administrator ID during server setup when needed. This allows the administrator to authenticate after setup when there are...
ICOR4FBRG95.0.8Fixed a problem where an incorrect day was saved after cutting and pasting an appointment after daylight savings time. This regression was...
ICOR4GHS8U5.0.4Fix small memory leak that occurred while looping through documents in a NotesDocumentCollection.
ICOR4M6UHY5.0.5Fixed crash that could occur when pasting html from a URL that was larger than 512 characters.
ICOR55BTA45.0.10Improved the way we deal with huge ID tables if fragmentation has occurred. Code has been added to better utilize fragmented space, allowing more...
ICOR56GTWF5.0.13Fixed a Microsoft Exchange to Notes migration issue where the FROM address could appear the same for different messages.
ICOR57TGXA5.0.11This fix prevents a small memory overwrite that can result in MIME conversion errors with POP3.
ICOR57TGXA6.0.1This fix prevents a small memory overwrite that could occur in streams that exactly equal the maximum size before using local...
ICOR57TGXA6.0.1,5.0.11This fix prevents a small memory overwrite that could occur in streams that exactly equal the maximum size before using local storage. This problem...
ICOR58KQVC5.0.11Fixed a server crash which occurred while performing folder searches.
ICOR5AMPAX5.0.11Prevent cases where reschedule of repeating meetings can leave the meeting as unread.
ICOR5GAJB36.0.1,5.0.12Fixed a panic that can occur when hitting error conditions on notes urls.


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